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6 Best Battery Operated Lawn Mower Review 2023

Transform your lawn care routine this summer with the best battery operated lawn mower. Say goodbye to the hassle of a tired old push mower and upgrade to a convenient and safe cordless option. With a lithium ion battery that charges quickly and provides 25-35 minutes of cutting time, you’ll have a beautiful lawn in no time. Perfect for smaller garden sizes and city living, these mowers make mowing easy and enjoyable. Learn why a battery operated mower is the best choice for your lawn and discover our top recommendations.

You might be in a great disdain this summer looking at your lawn condition. Almost every lawn small or big requires regular maintenance and professional look to be elegant. But if you are planning to buy a lawn mower than you are one step closer to your goal. Deciding what type of mower is itself a bigger questions for customers.

There are hundreds of lawn mower available in market and deciding which one to buy is very important for people who are new in this field.

The best battery operated lawn mower would be one of the first purchase of customer this summer/spring. Throughout the summer your grass gets more used than during rest of the year. So it’s important to look after it. Cutting the grass is a real pain if you are heaving around a tired old push mower but in contrast it’s really rather fun when you are equipped with one of the best cordless mower you can buy.

Why Cordless/Battery Operated Mower Are Best ?

For most of the lawnpersons we will recommend a battery mower such as the one listed below.
Battery mower unlike there cord substitute are very easy to move and much convenient. They are comparatively safer than cord mower and take lesser time to cut a simple lawn. With ever shrinking garden sizes in USA petrol mower are OTT for most people, especially in cities.

Cordless mower’s lithium ion battery are relatively fast to charge and provide at least 25-35 min of disturbance free cutting. Which is enough for most lawns around any city.

However some cordless/ battery mower have struggle while mowing steep slopes and long grass( Here long grass means really long).

Top 6 Best Battery Operated Lawn Mower Review

We believe in making your purchase as easy as mowing it. So here we have handpicked top mower from dozens and tried them over normal residential lawns to hilly border lawns. What we have found about them we have written without any complexity. so we strongly recommend these cordless, electric lawnmowers for most garden owners.



For starter, it looks pretty cute in its yellow coat livery. But most importantly it meets all the specifications under this price band. The kacher has 33 cm cutting deck which makes it suitable for small to medium sized lawns. The big 18 V 5 Ah battery has enough power to mow complete lawns without the need to change it in the middle.

This mower has 35 litre grass catcher bag for complete collection of grass during work. We also love the feel of spongy handles and power handles. The four level cutting lever is somehow of cheaper quality but it works completely fine.

The handlebar system can be configure for storage or, for an even more compact package, removed entirely. The average runtime of this mower is calculated to be 40 min which varies accordingly to the situation.

Key features

  • Cutting deck: 33 cm cutting height : 35-65 mm
  • Grass collector: 35 liter. Weight : 11.3 kg
  • Power: 18 V


  • Great handlebar for comforts
  • great battery life durable.
  • It mulches also


  • Yellow might not be to everyone’s taste.



This mower works as it’s name is. It has 43 cm cutting deck size with 50 litre of fabric grass collection bag. However, the price of this mower is half the price of other mower. Speaking of power this mower can get you around average of 50 min of runtime according to the situation.

Yes, the handlebar system isn’t as posh as other battery mower but it’s a mower not a status symbol.So, if you want a great value option for a larger lawn that does the job exceptionally well with zero disagreement, then this is the model to go for.

Another thing to mention it has a battery indicator on the handle which gives you estimated time of battery remain to let you calculate it according to you need.

Key feature

  • Cutting deck: 43 cm
  • Cutting height: 25-75mm
  • Power: 40V.
  • Grass collector: 50L
  • Weight: 18 kgs.


  • Super budget mower
  • Great cutting and maneuverability
  • long running time


  • Not able to give comfortable grip while mowing height due to high weight.



The EGO is a Self-Propelled Mower delivers performance that overpower the power of gas. This mower has cutting deck of 21 inches with a 2 bushel (~70 litre) fabric grass collecting deck. The EGO upper blade is used in combination to lower blade chosen to slice the grass of all types into fine fragments. This mower have touch drive technology which gives you controls over finger tips. Easy control of the diffrent speeds with a control positioned at your fingertips for safe and impressive operation.
This mower has a runtime of 45 minutes which is neither less nor too much for medium lawns. There are 7 cutting height from 1.5 to 4 inches for faster mowing around corners.

Key features

  • Cutting deck: 21 inches
  • Cutting height: 1.5-4inches
  • Power: 56 V.
  • Grass collector: 70 litres


  • Best inexpensive battery mower
  • easy to access 2 bushel grass collector.
  • 50 minute charge time with the included 5.0 Ah ARC Lithium Rapid Charger


  • Not very designed and fashionable for enthusiasts.



This mower has moderately large 42cm cutting deck. This is of the lightest we’ve ever tested. So light that you might forget whether it is there or not.

This mower has motor that is genuinely worth mentioning, since it features automatic variable speed, in short to medium grass the blade rotates at a steady pace with little noise, but as soon as it feels the resistance of longer grass, it speeds up dramatically to cut it without any operator efforts.

This model takes just 60 minute of charging to mow around 40 min on a flat surface. The noise level is also a important factor in purchasing a lawn mower while the original gtech used to make a lot of noise while this one emits comparatively low.

Key features

  • Cutting deck: 42cm
  • cutting height: 30-80mm
  • Power: 48 V.
  • Grass collector: 50L
  • Weight: 13.5 kg


  • variable automatic speed.
  • High runtime.
  • very durable and lightweight strong body.


  • Little expensive for budget buyers.



This is a self propelled three in one battery powered lawn mower with mulch/ bag/ side discharge option. The battery used in this model is a humongous 82 volt Briggs and Stratton lithium ion 2.0 . This mower provides total run time of 90 minutes with two charged battery which is enough for any lawn with moderate size. The cutting deck is made up of steel with size if 21 inches. There is a single level height adjustment system with 7 height position. This mower comes with a battery warranty of 2 years and product warranty of 5 years to ensure maximum durability of the product.

Key features

  • Cutting deck: 21 inches.
  • Power: 82 volt
  • Runtime: upto 90 minutes


  • Best inexpensive maximum powered mower.
  • High runtime.
  • Heavy duty can run over slopes and hill.


  • Handle bar are not very comfy.



This is a unique one hand battery mower with a 36 volt battery. The handles are foldable and the massive amount of free space around the left handle side gives comfort and light feeling. The handy plastic 40 litre grass collecting bag can be easily unhinged and gets emptied all at once without the need of shaking it up and down. From mowing point it is a 3 in 1 mower which can cut grass evenly without any fuss around every edge. The height adjustment in this mower is very unique. Just pull the handle out few cm to move the deck up and down. This mower gives Average cutting time of 40 minutes on flat lawns and fields.

As in the case with most of the stihl products it is sold without the battery but if you already use a stihl product you can switch batteries between them. For the lawnsmith looking for a efficient, fashionable and superbly designed mower that’s actually a easy to use, this one is in top.

Key features

  • Cutting deck: 37cm
  • cutting height: 20-70mm
  • Power: 36V Grass
  • collecting bag: 40 L
  • Weight: 16kgs


  • Fast charging.
  • High runtime.
  • Can mulch/bag and side discharge.


  • Highly Expensive but worth it.

What to Consider Before Buying a Mower?


Push mower are relatively cheaper to buy wherease self propelled mower uses power from battery to wheel to make them move over grass easily with minimum effort. If you have a small lawn that you can walk around with a mower than a push mower is best for you wherease for medium and large lawn owners these are curse. Pushing there heavy weight is not an option in these cases hence self propelled mower has advantages over push mower.
All-wheel drive offers the best friction over slopes and hilly terrain followed by rear-wheel driving mowers. Front-wheel drive, which is common on most models, is still good for flat fields.


Maintaining your mower increase there shelf life. Hence they must be cleaned after use. There is a lot of mess that gets inside the mower after work, plants, leaves, gravels , mud and washing them without a washout port is very tiresome. Washouts ports have a ports where you can connect your regular garden sprinkler. And clean inside the blades of the mower. It accepts a hose contact for clearing clippings around the mower deck without the need to move the machine up and down.


During mowing, it gets dangerous if you don’t have a firm grip over the machine. They can get out of control. Hence handles gets a place in buying guide. They must have a fabric cover to make them warm for cold whether. There should be vibration dampeners to decrease the vibrations produced by the engine. Also handles generates difficulty while storing them. So foldable handles are important for people who want them to store in compact places


Some mowers are available with larger front wheel while some have uniform equal wheel. On our test we have finds that uniform wheel mower are easier to maneuver and use. Hence dominant front wheel mower should be skipped.


How much the manufacturer is confident about their product can be judged by their warranty. Good brands always gives warranty of about 3-4 year on mower and 2-3 years on battery. There is one thing to also make sure is of service centre. There can be services centre in your city but the possibility of that is very low. So to keep an eye over the distance of service centre form your home to avail features of maintenance and warranty is important.

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Final words

We hope that you are not still confused over Your mower choice. After this article you have acquired enough knowledge to buy a best mower for your lawn. At least one last advice we want to give you is go for branded item even if they are a little out of budget. They will cost the same in future as the one in your budget.

Overall here get yourself a excellent lawn. Hope you bought something from our list
Happy mowing to you!!!

I hope you got best mower after read this post and solved your query about battery operated lawn mower. If you have any question about lawn mower then feel free to comment in below boxes or contact us. Share with your friends or family member who are looking BEST BATTERY OPERATED LAWN MOWER. Thanks 🙂

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