Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room Review 2023

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Grow rooms require a different kind of ventilation from normal rooms. They are more prone to carbon emissions because of the life processes and biological ecosystem that is been going on, continuously 24 hours a day. And these carbon emissions comes with a huge risk to human life and workers that help in maintaining the grow room. And also getting a smell like a hotbox is something which is pretty hard to bear all the time.

Aside from the drawbacks grow rooms are a wonderful option for farming for many crops like marijuana. Many grow room farmers in USA and some other part of the world keeps there marijuana to grow room because of its high yield in that environment and fast blossoming. Grow room marijuana gardeners comes with many challenges but one of the major issue is the strong smell of it especially when it is blossoming to maturity. That makes the role of carbon filters worth considering. Besides from the marijuana alone the smell of pesticides fertilizers and nutrients make the odour more intense and the result is an intoxicating smell. 

So now what is a carbon filter? carbon filter consist of bed of activated charcoal that works on the principle of adsorption, the charcoal adsorbs the impurities leaving behind the purified filtered air devoid of any hydrocarbon, biogas or sulphides. They come in market with different variety and specifications and choosing a best is a bit of Maths for gardeners. That’s why we are here to help you out. 

Below are some of the top rated carbon filters which are handpicked from Grow rooms by looking at there efficiency in most intoxicated environment.

5 Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room Review

VIVOSUN 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

The vivosun 4 inch Air carbon filter eliminates odor and chemical irritants. This filter comes with a pre filter wrapped around the unit ensuring the air that passes is cleaned properly. Vivosun 4 inch has superior carbon quality made from imported virgin Australia activated charcoal that delivers 100% filtered airflow. Also the body of this filter is made from galvanized steel which confirms that you are getting a filter which will last long in the future. 


Vivosun carbon filter is also an affordable option and we have determined it’s quality is subpar based on its performance and review from users.


  • 1050+ RC 48 carbon captures three times more air contaminants than average due to the bigger surface area per carbon particle.
  • Comes with pre filter.


  • May not be suitable for inline fans


This 4 inch carbon filter has an airflow of 200 CFM. This is a long lasting carbon filter with 50mm thick carbon layer with best performance. The pre filter of this filter requires to be changed in every 6 month but this has got many positive reviews and is great value for money.


The material inside this is 1050+ IAV Australian RV 412 Activated carbon which is one of the world’s most absorbent carbon. 


  • This filter soak and eliminate some of most undesirable odors and has 50 mm carbon layer for high adsorption and performance.
  • Has up to 2 years of life expectancy.


Some negative reviews says it is noisy.


The Amagabeli is the best filter if you are planting marijuana especially in a hydroponic system inside your grow room. This is a 4 inch filter which has 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed. This filter has body made from galvanized steel which last longer than aluminium from plants, germination, harvest and flowering.


This also include a pre filter which is washable and purifies air ensuring cleaner air into charcoal bed sheet thus increasing the efficiency of the filter. With great air flow rate, the outer and inner aluminium mesh provides a lot of open surface area.


  • This filter has reversible filtration method which means you can use it for both exhaust filtration and intake filtration.
  • Very heavy duty product.


  • It cannot withstand heavy usage. 


This carbon filter is made up from 46 mm RC- 48 activated virgin carbon bed. The filter comes with large selection of size to fit in suitable applications. Phresh carbon filters have this unique “Anti Air Bypass” system which increases its efficiency. The flange is riveted and is very hard to detect.


The weight of this filter is 11.6 pounds only and comes in cone shaped design. 


  • It operates nearly silent.
  • Long lasting with 2-3 year life expectancy.


  • The humidity can clog up the carbon filter.

AC Infinity 6 Inches Carbon Air Filter

Like other products on our list of best carbon filters for grow rooms, this filter is also made up of high-quality virgin 1200+ IAV RC412 Australian Charcoal. The thickness of the charcoal bed is 60mm. It has heavy-duty double-sided stainless flanges, clothed pre-filter. The aluminum mesh has 55% air spacing and the filter allows an airflow of maximum value 410CFM. The AC Infinity 6 in the filter is 17 x 11 x 11 inches and weighs 9.95 pounds.


It is suitable for fitting in ducting and inline duct fans for both sided ventilation. It scrubs odors and chemicals in smoking lounges, growing tents, hydroponic rooms, and other domestic uses.


  • Made up of High-quality carbon.
  • Easy to install the product.


  • The filter is not 100% noise-free like many other competitors.

Carbon Filter for Grow Room Reviews and Video Guide

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How to Select the Best Carbon Filter for Grow Rooms / What to Look For ?


While choosing the right size of carbon filter you are required to calculate the area of your grow room as you don’t want the filter to be too small or too big for your room. You can do this by multiplying length and breadth of the room. After getting area multiply it with height and you will get the cubic meter of the your grow room this is CFM. Every filter comes with approx CFM pre written on it which narrows down your choices to only those having CFM same as your grow room.


The main material not only important in terms of Durability but also increases efficiency of the filter. Premium material may be expensive but are sure worth the money spent. 


Smaller the carbon filter, the easy for you to handle it. Moreover smaller carbon filter are also more quieter and have less vibration during operation. These kind of carbon filters are better at absorbing odor and transporting them into carbon granules as compared to those with air pocket between the filter. 


Greater the thickness greater the adsorption. As the thicker carbon are more efficient you must expect higher price tag for them.

How to Take Care Your Carbon Filter

Clean the filter, shake it vigorously to remove the dirt, keep it outside from grow room for some time, spray water and let it dry completely before putting it back on the tent.

Do not use it for its maximum capacity you may compromise it’s lifespan for few more hours of fresh air.

Dry the activated carbon under sunlight, this will make it last longer.

Benefits of Carbon Filters

Here are some of the benefits of carbon filters:

  • Carbon filters help you eliminate odor you’d otherwise find difficult to eliminate without the help of one.
  • Not only are they safe and reliable, but they are also very efficient and effective in controlling the odor in your grow room. So, if you are a serious grower, it’s a must to have one in your grow room.
  • They are generally easy to use and install. And they can last for a very long time, depending on how much you are growing. Carbon filters have minimal maintenance that once installed; they can last until you need to change them.
  • They are better than other forms of odor control because they’re not going to present a risk of damage to what you are growing.

Final Words

Carbon filters having extraordinary capabilities. While choosing a BEST CARBON FILTER FOR GROW ROOM, you need to be considerate about your common necessities inclusive of your budget, area, and length of tent, nature, sturdiness, and warranty of the product. According to our studies and online critiques from clients, iPower four Inch Air Carbon Filter and Vivosun four Inch Air Carbon Filter are the maximum recommendable products inside the list of 10 exceptional carbon filters for grow room.

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