6 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower for the Money Review 2023

If you have a land that measures more than a half acres, then these zero turn mower can be magical for you. We all wish for a space where we can walk in night and do some camping stuff. But for that it has to be properly mowed and planted. And a Zero turn Mower is an excellent choice for it.

Invented in 1949 these mower have become technologically advance with each passing year and are now fully equipped capable of doing twice amount of work as compared to normal push or riding mowers. Although these are generally a bit expensive but worth every penny. Lawn specialist prefer mostly this type of mower over others.

Different brand have different quality of product it would be a tedious task to check every possible mower available and compare especially if you are a budget buyer but don’t worry, we have done the labor for you. You only need to go through our list item by item and find your baby.

Top 6 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower for the Money

After consulting with hundreds of people we have come up with this suggestion list for your commercial use of ZTR mower. Read specification carefully.



Formed in 1960, cub cadet is a US based company that markets globally. Cub Cadet ZTR mower is built with powerful 23 horse power engine with dual hydrostatic transmission. Recognized by its bright yellow colour, Cub cadet zero turn mower has a 50 inch cutting deck which can cut finer lines and hard corners. This mower can be targeted to mow up to 4 acres. The easy to remove deck makes its maintenance easy and it’s tubular steel frame gives durability.The optimized bagging design prevent blockage and inclusion of two LED headlights allow you to keep mowing through dusk.

Key Features

  • Engine Horsepower: 23 HP
  • Cutting Width: 50 Inch
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.5 Gal


  • best heavy duty ZTR mower available.
  • Strong tubular steel frame
  • Large comfortable seat
  • Powerful twin cylinder 23 HP engine


  • Not good for steeper slopes.



American made , swisher have roots back to 1945. This is a 54 inch zero turn mower having 24 horse power Briggs and Stratton engine, with hydro gear 2800 transmission for improved comfort and efficient handling.

This mower have eight gallons fuel capacity ensuring not to leave you alone during entire task. This mower features three Gator mulching blades with a high mow speed of eight mile per hour in forward and reverse. The swisher has guts not gonna lie.

Key Features

  • 24 HP (724cc) Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 54″ Cutting deck WITH 3 Gator mulching blades
  • Hydro Gear 2800 transmissions and Ogura clutch
  • 8 gallon fuel capacity
  • Front and rear hitch


  • The best reverse speed / fuel capacity any mower can have
  • Powerful 24hp engine
  • 3 Gator mulching blades
  • Most attractive looking mower


  • It will not fit on a 5′ wide trailer.



we will start off by saying snapper as the rolls Royce of the mowers. It has 25 horse power Briggs and Stratton engine, offering too speed of 9 mile per hour. The removable deck of deck size 51 inch makes it easy to clean and ease while transporting. Under hydro gear ZT3200 ,hydrostatic trnasaxles delivers a smooth grass cutting direction. This is a versatile all round utility vehicle that will last you for years to come.

Key Features

  • 52” fabricated mower deck
  • 10-gauge steel
  • Speeds up to 9 mph
  • Welded and reinforced for years of repeat mowing


  • Simply the best commercial ZTR mower.
  • Easy-to-use lawn mower controls
  • High-performance transaxles
  • you can easily fill gasoline without any spills


  • it is a bit of expensive.



As its name suggest it is a beast which indeed it is. It’s been specially designed for commercial mowing use including golf courses, sports fields and high acreage land. It has very large tank holding 7.5 gallons of gas and a super power 25 horse power engine, makes it possible to mow entire lawn in one go. It’s being built with roll cage and seat belts which protects the rider safety while going through bumps and small hills. Beast is designed to mow with a top speed of 12 mile per hours nearly twice as other mower and has 62 inch cutting deck . Can you believe? You can have wide and near grass stripes with little effort and maximum effect.

Key Features

  • Z-Beast lawnmower measures 69 x 58 x 75 inches
  • A 48” cutting deck
  • A 25 HP professional B & S engine
  • A dual hydrostatic drive system
  • A 12 gauge stamped steel construction
  • A 7-gauge reinforced clutch plate.


  • best for long lawns and coats
  • Briggs and Stratton 25 HP Engine
  • Dual Hydrostatic Drive
  • Free Rollbar & Headlights


  • not build for home or residential use.



This zero turn mower from RYOBI is powered by rechargeable batteries and a BRUSHLESS motor. Its high power without any smell of gas and noise cones from 100Ah batteries that are rechargeable through 120V output in one charge, mower can mow up to 3 acres when used continued. This mower also comes with LED headlight for night mowing and a comfortable back chair. For person cutting this offer grass height range from 1 to 4.5 inches controlled by easy lever . Also in electric power engine there is less maintenance with no spark plugs and air filter.

Key Features

  • Battery Operated
  • Fully Electric Mower With Zero Emissions
  • 4 Brushless Motors for Superior Power and Performance
  • 12 position manual deck adjustment 1.5 in. to 4.5 in
  • adjustable cutting height


  • This will prevent addition of harmful gases into your lawn
  • Battery Operated
  • 1 Charge Offers Up to 3 Acres of Mowing


  • It is little more expensive than other gas powered mowers.



Founded in 1937, revolutionized the whole lawn mower industry ,Ohio based Troy bilt continue to break new ground with their line of lawn car power tools.

The cutting deck size is 34 inch with a 452 cc engine and EZT hydrostatic transmission packs enough power to mow large area of rough grass.

Mustang features an extra wide side discharge, durable wheels for rough terrain. It is perfect for taking your mowing game to next level.

Key Features

  • Powerful 452cc engine
  • EZT hydrostatic transmission packs
  • Extra-wide 34-inch side discharge cutting deck
  • Comfortable high-back seat
  • Dual suspension springs and ample leg room for a Smooth ride


  • Affordable zero turn mower
  • Long-lasting and durable performance
  • Time-saving design


  • Not enough power for some lawns

Buying Guide for Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower

If you are still not sure which mower is right for you. Dont fear, read on we have prepared a buying guide to introduce you with technicalities of a zero turn mowers. Make sure to choose only according to your need rather than getting flashed by new feature which are useless for you .


As we are going to spend our savings from month on this vehicle. It is necessary to carry out comparison between mower’s based on money cancel the feature you don’t want or is useless for you as they only make increment in price. It is a one time investment which either gonna make us proud for decades over our decision or will make us sad for our choice.
A zero turn mower can be expensive and are only suited for professional lawn makers and enthusiasts who just want classy look in lesser time.


Whenever you are buying a ride/push mower, comfort is the key. Long time sitting or walking without any support can cause joint pain. And if controller and machine be too heavy you won’t be getting good results.

We recommend you to always get a sit on the seat before you buy it check whether all the peddles are easily accessible to your foot whether you can reach the ignition, choke and throttle easily. Try out to move it is it too heavy to carry by single person. How much is it’s dimensions are? can you store it in your garage or shed or not?. Most important the seat itself, check if it gets vibration from the engines. Vibration can cause fatique and mental stress. So look for features that reduce them. A robust chassis and rubber footwell will both help in eradicating vibration.


If your land have steepy slopes and hilly terrain. A zero turn mower will not be excellent for you. For slopy area light machines are advise which can go beyond particular angle. All zero turn mower become useless after 15 degree of angle but that doesn’t make them completely useless at all. Zero turn mower are excellent for cutting around obstacles like flower bed or pond as they can reach far and hard to reach corner. And if luckily your land has flat surface then nothing works better than them. Believe me ! They are amazing. You don’t have to do anything after sitting on them, it is just like driving car with sitting on the back seat.


When you are looking for best, small things become huge headache during use, check for fuel capacity in advance. It is quite possible to come up with a mower advance in every technology and still cannot mow your entire lawn in one go.


The obvious question before buying comes, how bigger my mower should be well answer depends on your land. If you have less than an acre of land ,then ride on mower represent waste of money go for a push mower or walk behind mower like MNA 152613.

Now supposing you have garden bigger than an acre then next considerable questions comes of cutting deck width. Ride mower vary from 34 to 61 inches in our list. The more the cutting width the more area it will cover in single pass.

Another thing to worry is it’s storage space. We are spending a lot of money so it needs to be secure and protected from the whether and other harm. Dont forget to measure the gates and door before making final payment otherwise you will have to tear up the fence or gatepost.

What Is Different in a Zero Turn Mower?

Zero turn mower gets there name from there ability to turn 360 degree without having to cover any extraa ground. These mowers are a great investment for people who don’t want to spend more time and still want great cut and finish. You’ll be able to work the mower easily with the systems of controls that requires minimum efforts to operate.

Types of Zero Turn Mower

There are three types of ZTR mower available in market and it is important to know the distinguishable feature in each before buying one.

The first and most common Zero turn mower is the residential model. These mowers are built for properties that are larger than one acres but less than 2 acres. They allow you to get work done quickly and efficiently. These are for owner who do not have more than few hrs to operate on them. They largely go unused for some time.

If you have more than few hrs the presume option will be better for you. You’ll be able to get work done more quickly and efficiently than residential model. These mower are good for large estates or landscapes and need good budget to have one in house. These are significantly different from residential model but not as sturdy as commercial grade model.

The third and final investment will be on commercial grade ZTR. These are strongest and most durable you can buy . They are powerful and contain features hard to find on the above two model. These are more silent making them best for contract work. You’ll be able to get the most work and probably the ideal investment you can hope for.

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Final Words

We hope you are ready to select your ZTR lawn mower. After gaining so much knowledge, we don’t think you will need further study over this topic. We have covered all the details which a customer require during an online or offline purchase. Happy mowing to you.

I hope that our list of BEST COMMERCIAL ZERO TURN MOWER has helped you figure out which one would be best suited for you. But we would recommend you go through the features of each of these mowers and check whether they meet your requirements. 

I hope you reach knowledge after read this post and solved your query about lawn for small yard. If you have any question about lawn mower then feel free to comment in below boxes or contact us. Share with your friends or family member who are looking BEST COMMERCIAL ZERO TURN MOWER. Thanks 🙂

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