Best Cordless String Trimmer

Best Cordless String Trimmer Review 2023

Discover the best cordless string trimmers on the market with our buyer’s guide and reviews. From budget-friendly options to professional-grade picks, we’ve got you covered. Learn about the top 8 cordless gas string trimmers, including the Craftsman WS205, Ryobi RY253SS, Poulan Pro PR28SD, and Husqvarna 128LD. Find the perfect replacement for your bulky corded model today!

The best cordless string trimmers reviewed by us are the perfect replacements for your old ones.  Our buyer’s guide below offers advice on selecting the right cordless string trimmer for your yard’s needs, as well as the best cordless string trimmers available.

We can help you decide which lawn trimmer is best for your lawn, no matter where you stand in your shopping process. As a first step, let’s clarify what is meant by “cordless string trimmer.” Cordless string trimmers can refer to both gas and battery-powered models.

Listed above are some of the best string trimmers, but we’ve also broken them down into individual sections for your convenience.

Top 8 Cordless Gas String Trimmers Review

1. Craftsman WS205 25cc 2-cycle string trimmer

Craftsman WS205 25cc 2-cycle string trimmer


  • Power: 25 cc
  • Cutting swath: 17 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds

The CRAFTSMAN WS205 is an excellent budget option for homeowners. The Ryobi top pick has a smaller engine than Husqvarna and Poulan Pro’s professional-grade picks, but it has a similar amount of power.

With its 25cc engine, you’ll have plenty of power to trim a typical lawn, and its simple three-step start method makes it easier to start than most gas trimmers.

Users are designed to feel comfortable with the WS205 by CRAFTSMAN. In addition to preventing user fatigue, the ergonomic handle and vibration dampeners make it easy to start and carry.

In addition to performing the tasks of many lawn care tools, it can be used with additional attachments, reducing the need for maintenance and reducing storage space. TrimmerPlus attachments are compatible with the WS205, as well as those from other manufacturers.

While the CRAFTSMAN WS205 isn’t as sophisticated as some string trimmers mentioned here, it has the advantage of maneuverability and should work well on most lawns.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • Attach TrimmerPlus attachments to other lawn care tools


  •   It is not always possible to bump-feed
  •   It can be difficult to start the engine sometimes

2. Ryobi RY253SS 25cc 2-cycle string trimmer

Ryobi RY253SS 25cc 2-cycle string trimmer


  • Power: 25 cc
  • Cutting swath: 18 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Weight: 12.2 pounds

For anyone looking to get grass trimming done quickly (or with a large yard), Ryobi’s RY253SS is one of the best choices.

It has the largest cutting swath on this list, allowing you to cover more ground faster with the No. 1 trimmer. It’s still maneuverable despite its size because it features an extended straight shaft that reaches around and under obstacles.

In addition to its versatility, the Ryobi RY253SS also includes Ryobi’s groundbreaking “Expand-It” attachments. Additionally, you can use this trimmer to edge, blow leaves, trim hedges, and do landscaping tasks.

If you are just using this tool to trim your string, it is well worth the money you are paying for it. This model comes with a “reel-easy” trimmer head that makes restringing a breeze, plus a robust engine with double the lifetime of a standard half-crank engine.


  • A large swath of cutting
  • Designed for long-term durability
  • Ryobi’s attachment capabilities are extensive (sold separately)


  • Difficult to start
  • Cutting heads can become detached while in use

3. Poulan Pro PR28SD 28cc 2-cycle string trimmer

Poulan Pro PR28SD 28cc 2-cycle string trimmer


  • Power: 28 cc
  • Cutting swath: 17 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds

Poulan Pro PR28SD is similar to Husqvarna’s pick but much cheaper. Compared to traditional trimmers, this one offers high power at an affordable price.

It is the weight and attachment capabilities of the Husqvarna PRO and its equivalent Poulan Pro models that differ the most from each other, other than the price.

In terms of weight, even when it comes to gas trimmers, the Poulan Pro is rather heavy, and it comes in at 14 pounds. There is a possibility that some homeowners may find it difficult to carry this tool for a long period.

Compared to the Husqvarna, the PR28SD offers twice as many attachment options. Using Poulan’s Pro-Link line, you can convert this trimmer into a blower, edger, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, pole saw, or cultivator.


  •   The engine of great power
  •   Using easy-start technology
  •   Pro-Link products are compatible with the attachment (sold separately)


  • Quite heavy
  • Several customers reported difficulty restringing their heads
  • Bump-feed jamming caused problems for some users

4. Husqvarna 128LD 28cc 2-cycle string trimmer

Husqvarna 128LD 28cc 2-cycle string trimmer


  • Power: 28 cc
  • Cutting swath: 17 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds

One of Husqvarna’s 128LD 2-cycle gas string trimmers proves that it makes reliable, commercial-grade lawn care tools simple enough to use even for homeowners. Its large 28cc engine can handle thick grass and weeds around your home, and you’ll find it more than adequate.

A similar feature to the RY253SS model is the ability to add additional attachments, although the Husqvarna attachments are far fewer in number. As compared to other gas string trimmers, the 128LD’s easy-start feature works reliably, and its lightweight design makes operation even simpler.


  •  The engine is powerful
  •   Easy startup every time
  •  Gas string trimmers are lightweight
  •  It can be converted into an edger, cultivator, and pole saw with attachments.


  • Quite expensive
  • The trimmer’s customer service wasn’t readily available to some users

5. Worx WG154 20V PowerShare 10″ – 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Worx WG154 20V PowerShare 10" - 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger


  • Power: 56 volts
  • Cutting swath: 13 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.08 inches
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds

The WORX WG191’s 56-volt battery offers performance similar to a gas trimmer but with no cord-pull start hassle or harmful emissions.

Even though the WG191 does not only have a high-voltage battery, but it also comes with a 0.08-inch thick string, this device can handle grass and weeds that are much thicker than most battery-powered devices.

Its versatility and power make it a great choice for any yard. Using its 90-degree pivoting head, you can trim tight corners and uneven terrain. With the push of a button and a twist, this trimmer transforms into a wheeled edger. There are no additional attachments required to convert the WG191, unlike our top gas picks.

We recommend the WG191 over our other top picks since it gives you more control. By pressing the handle button, you can choose when to release more lines and how much to release.


  •   High-voltage batteries provide power like gas
  •   Electric trimmers use more durable string
  •   Battery life extension through variable speed control
  •   No attachments are needed for wheeled edging


  • Many other options are less expensive
  • Electric trimmers run much louder than this one
  • Battery life is unimpressive

6. BLACK+DECKER LST140C 40V MAX string trimmer/edger

BLACK+DECKER LST140C 40V MAX string trimmer/edger


  • Power: 40 volts
  • Cutting swath: 13 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds

Despite its less powerful performance than our top pick, the BLACK+DECKER LST140C provides a high level of voltage at a reasonable price. You should be able to mow thick grass around your lawn with the 40 voltage and the high torque transmission.

This BLACK+DECKER trimmer/edger can also be used as an edger without buying any additional parts, even though it isn’t equipped with a stabilizing wheel.

There are a lot of string trimmers in the same price range, but the LST140C is one of the best. Besides being powerful and versatile, it’s also easy to use.

The trimmer is a bit heavy for an electric trimmer, weighing over 6 pounds, but most homeowners should be able to use it. In addition to the auto-feed spool, which releases line automatically as you work, the trimmer has other convenient features to compensate for its weight.


  •   Cost-effective
  •   The battery is more powerful than others in this price range
  •   No attachments are required to convert to an edger


  •   Electric string trimmers can be heavy
  •   Edging is not stabilized by a wheel

7. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare string trimmer/edger

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare string trimmer/edger


  • Power: 20 volts
  • Cutting swath: 12 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds

We think the WORX WG163 is a very good pick, but it’s a little more powerful and less expensive than our top pick from the same brand.

Even though the WG163 is cheaper, it boasts many highly competitive features that are comparable to or even better than those found in the WG191. With a similar pivoting cutting head, you can reach every nook and cranny of your yard, and with a powerful edger mode and special line release system.

A double 20-volt WORX PowerShare battery makes the WG163 an even better bargain. If your first battery runs out, you can keep the extra battery on charge so you can extend your work time or use it for another WORX power tool.

This trimmer is comparatively lightweight and easy to maneuver thanks to the lighter 20V batteries compared to its more powerful cousins.


  •   It’s affordable
  •   A 20-volt battery is included
  •   Easily transportable
  •   With no attachments, it can be converted to a wheeled edger


  •   Battery with low voltage
  •   Too long grass may not work 

8. BLACK+DECKER LST201 20V MAX string trimmer/edger

 BLACK+DECKER LST201 20V MAX string trimmer/edger


  • Power: 20 volts
  • Cutting swath: 10 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds

Would you like a lightweight trimmer with easy handling and affordable pricing? A BLACK+DECKER LST201 20-volt trimmer is a perfect choice.

Our list is incomplete without the LST201, the only trimmer that costs under $100 and weighs less than 5 pounds. There should be no problem with most people being able to afford and use it.

Besides its lightweight design, the LST201’s flexible and ergonomic design makes it easy to use. A shaft height adjustment and a handle adjustment can be made to find the most comfortable position for multiple users. A 20-volt battery makes this trimmer unsuitable for heavy-duty weeding or grass cutting.


  •   Cost-effective
  •   An ultralight design
  •   With no attachments, it converts easily into an edger


  •   A battery with low voltage
  •   Cutting swath of small size
  •   For edging, there is no stabilizer wheel

Buyers Guide – Best Cordless String Trimmer

When you are a beginner in lawn care, it can be difficult to know which string trimmer is right for you. Therefore, we’ve created this buyer’s guide to help you choose a cordless string trimmer that suits your needs.

What to consider when shopping

To make sure that your project gets the power, you need to select a power source. You have to decide which model is most suitable for your yard based on its size and condition among the dozens available.

Here, we’ll discuss how we ranked our top picks based on key specs. Before you buy, compare these specifications.


In terms of price, string trimmers can range from under $100 to as much as $400, depending on the quality. We also wanted to stick to more affordable options for our list, so all of our top picks came in under $300, which is an excellent price point.

There is usually a price difference between battery-powered trimmers and corded or gas ones. This list features a majority of gas models, more powerful and larger than most battery-powered options, and that explains why the prices are similar.


Depending on the power source, string trimmers are powered differently. We use the cubic centimetre (cc) when describing the size of the engine for gas engines, which directly impacts the amount of power they produce. In the case of battery-powered devices, power output is determined by the battery voltage.

Cutting swath

String trimmers have wide heads, which determine their cutting swaths (aka cutting widths), or how much ground they can cover at one time. Larger cutting heads and swaths allow for quicker and easier job completion.

As you might have noticed from our top picks, gas trimmers typically cut wider swaths than electric ones. Our recommendation for large properties is to use gas rather than electricity.

The cutting head on a thinner electric saw is usually more convenient for maneuvering between smaller parts of a workpiece.

Line diameter

Trimmers can hold strings of different thicknesses according to their line diameter. Generally, trimmers with more power use thicker string, as it’s more durable and can cut through thicker growth.

Generally, a line with a diameter of 0.065 to 0.08 inches is sufficient for residential use. 0.095-inch (or even thicker) trimmers may be appropriate if you intend to do a lot of heavy work with them.


Senior citizens or homeowners with limited upper body strength may find string trimmers challenging, as they can weigh as much as 10 pounds.

Before you buy an edger or trimmer, make sure you consider its weight, so you don’t wear yourself out. To lighten the workload on your arms and back, some string trimmers come with shoulder straps (often sold separately).

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1. How should a string trimmer be maintained?

Whenever you run out of the trimmer line, you’ll have to reload the line and clean the underside of the trimmer. Furthermore, you need to replace the air filter, clean the spark plugs, and change the oil in gas string trimmers.

2. Do string trimmers work well vertically?

String trimmers (even gas ones) can be hung vertically without causing any problems.

3. Do higher Ah batteries power string trimmers better?

The Ah (amp hours) of a battery has more to do with its runtime than its power. A higher Ah means a longer run time, just as a higher voltage usually means more power.


The convenience of a cordless string trimmer is superior to one with a cord, regardless of whether you have a small or a large backyard. The advantage of cordless is that it provides unrestricted mobility and prevents your running (or tripping) over extension cords.

A wide range of gas and battery-operated trimmers can provide you with this convenience, and our list of the best choice for the current market features some of the best trimmers available.

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