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Best Dehumidifier for Grow Tent Review 2023

BEST DEHUMIDIFIER FOR GROW TENT: Moisture, pollution, odor are the things that can ruin an indoor grow system. And if you are looking to cultivate plants, particularly cannabis in an indoor environment you need to have a nice ventilated grow room for them. However simply purchasing a grow tent isn’t enough although it is the first step towards your indoor plantation and it’s very crucial for plants to have a good ecosystem in the grow tent. That’s why dehumidifier are used. The importance of dehumidifier can’t be understated, although the name is little misleading that it only dries up the air whereas the job of a dehumidifier is much more, it controls moisture which curbs the growth of mold and dust mites. Also they help in reducing the odors which in case very helpful if you are growing marijuana in your grow tent.  Dehumidifier draw air over cold coils, condensing out its moisture, before passing the air over warm coils and back into the grow tent or room. 

So knowing how important it is for your tent, the purchase of a dehumidifier is not as easy as it sound. With all the variety of brands and products, there is always a better choice for you. You need to understand about few things like the size of your grow tent, crop type etc to get the perfect option for you. But to help you out, we have investigated some of the best dehumidifier for you. All the products given below are best at their job and verified by our research team who have spent 50 hours last week collecting and generating opinion around them. 

5 Best Dehumidifier for Grow Tent Review


The VIVOSUN mini grow tent dehumidifier is the best one in the market. This product is perfect size and fits most of the grow tents. The capacity of this dehumidifier is 400ml per day and can efficiently purify the air in enclosed, small rooms and spaces. The small size gives it advantage i.e covers small area of your tent with easy to move built in handle.


VIVOSUN mini dehumidifier contrary to its working process is very simple to use and operate. Just plug in, turn on button and leave it for its 24 hour cycle until the tank is full. The dehumidifier is super quiet while working and won’t disturb you and your neighbours. This product comes with 1 year warranty. When approximately 1.3 liter of water is collected, this humidifier shuts off automatically and triggers a Red LED indicator for you for you to know that water removal is required.


  • Recommended for 215 sq. ft. -269 sq ft. Area of grow tent
  • Has 1.3 liters (0.34 Gallons) water tank capacity
  • Removes 85% RH (0.85 pints) of moisture from air per day


  • Maximum operating environment is 113°F.


This product is specially in our list, if you have large/big grow tents. The Home Labs HME020030N is able to remove a lot of water from the air in your tent and keep the environment dry to prevent mold and dust mites. With over 27000 reviews this proves its value time and time again.


It has 1.6 gallons water tank capacity which is good enough for 3000sq.ft. and can remove upto 30 pints of water per day. Featuring a superb, sleek design this doesnot cover much space and comes quite handy. Completed with practical built in wheels for movement and a handle for your need is a great advantage. Simply regulate your preferred moisture level and let it run for 24 hours continuous cycle until the tank is full when it will shut down automatically. Then drain the water using a drain hose and continue the cycle. 


  • 1.6 gallons water tank capacity
  • Unit so quiet that won’t disturb you and your plants
  • Has 2 years of limited warranty


  • Irreplaceable plastic base

Inofia GA2 Portable Dehumidifier

It has got a dehumidifying ability of four gallons in an afternoon. Therefore, it could easily keep a develop room of 1056 square feet dry. In the rule book of indoor gardening, that’s what we call big grow rooms and greenhouses. Therefore, the Inofia 30-Pint Dehumidifier is our quality desire for a big develop room dehumidifier.

Moving ahead, it’s the water tank, and its the drainage system. With this version from Inofia, you’ll have a 1.8L water tank and a drainage device that works on its own. Although, it’s no longer the biggest in the game, we think it’s suitable to head as the satisfactory 2-liter dehumidifier for develop systems.


One of the largest selling points of this indoor grow dehumidifier is, its ease of manipulate. We recognise that you’re not always an electronics expert, and that’s what Inofia had stored in thoughts as nicely. Therefore, they’ve made it with an wise control panel, a time manage device, and a unmarried-press turn on and stale features.

Among a lot of these factors of the manage, we’d like to recognition on the time controllability for a moment. You see, a touch deviation from the dehumidifying technique can lead to catastrophe on your flora. To make certain that it doesn’t occur, there are 24 hours’ time settings with the intention to cover each darkish cycles and light cycles of the growing machine. All you need to do is to position it on the right lights schedule.


  • Can take off 4 gallons of water in a day.
  • Works best even at 90% RH situation.
  • Intelligent control panel.
  • Convenient design with a hidden, flat handle.
  • Quite easy to control and operate.
  • Single-press turn on and off.
  • 24 hours of time settings.


  • The water tank is expected to be larger.


The SEAVON electric dehumidifier saves your plants as well as your money with its energy star efficiency. With 500 ml water tank capacity it is made for 225sq. Ft. Area of grow tents and 2200 cubic feet of volume.


The auto shut down function shuts it down automatically when water gets full and equipped with LED which turns Red when water requires draining. Built with Thermo electric cooling technology which means it operates without compressor leaving a whisper quiet operations in your grow room. It is a mini sized dehumidifier and can also fit your bedroom, kitchen. The working temperature of this product is 15°C to 59°C. Also the company provides unlimited Customer service and questions will be responded within 25 working hours. The output of using this dehumidifier for 24 hours comes at a cost of 23 Watt per hour, which means only 0.55KW per day. 


  • Easy to remove water tank
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Incredibly quiet working
  • Excellent for small spaces


  • Some Customer complains about its inefficiency in grow rooms with relatively less moisture or almost dry air.

Eva-dry E-500: Best Dehumidifier for 2×2 Grow Tent

Eva-dry E-500 uses a renewable silica gel era that requires no electricity or battery system. With that being said, it is able to cowl up a place of as much as 500 cubic toes, and that’s simply what we need within the case of small grow tents.


The silica gel absorbs the moisture contains, and once it’s saturated, there’s a trademark window to reveal that up. Once you notice it to trade from orange to inexperienced, all you need to do is to update the silica gel proper away.

In terms of satisfactory, it’s true. And in phrases of fee, it’s even better. If you need to have a passive dehumidifying system beneath finances, this one is what we’d suggest.


  • Non-toxic, silica gel-based method.
  • Can cover an area of 500 cubic feet.
  • No battery-powered dehumidifying system.
  • Indicator window once it’s saturated.
  • Quite budget-friendly.


  • Needed to be wall-hung.

How to Select the Best Humidifier for Grow Room/Tent

Following things must be kept in mind before purchasing the dehumidifier.

✓ The weather in your area – is it humid or dry most of the time.
✓ Expected water extraction rate of dehumidifier.
✓ Size and design of dehumidifier.
✓ Functions- handles, wheels, dimensions, loudness etc.
✓Size of your grow room – most important.
✓Level of humidity in the air. 

Is Running a Dehumidifier for Grow Tent Expensive

Knowing how much it costs to run a dehumidifier is important especially when you have large grow tents to maintain. A standard model of dehumidifier runs around 280 watts per hours. Now this comes out to be 0.28 kW which will directly give you per day price if multiplied with the cost of electricity in your area. 

Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier for a Grow Room

One of the most essential stuff you want to apprehend as growers of cannabis (other than such things as led grow lighting fixtures and) is that the best plant life require a consistent intake of gallons of water. When the moisture in a grow tent is excessive, over time the plants will use their leaves to absorb moisture from the distance round them. When the moister is low in a grow container, they take in water via their roots instead.

Thus, having manage of the fine moisture to your indoor grow tent lets in you the pleasant manage over your plant life’ nutrient intake. Moreover, having the proper degrees for your develop tent improves the improvement of the cannabis plant, supplying you with robust, healthy, and leafy vegetation. Outside of reaping rewards the plant life, controlling the moisture inside the grow room with one the first-class develop room dehumidifier is likewise quality for stopping troubles such as mildew, bud root, and leaf rot.

White powdery mould is one of the maximum common problems with developing cannabis in high-moister environments. This fungal sickness is hard to deal with as growing hashish flowers grow high-quality in humid environments. The true news is that a grow room dehumidifier and proper airflow for your grow tents are all you want to save you this sort of fungal growth and make a appropriate surroundings.

The worst hassle that growers experience due to terrible environmental control is bud root. The hassle with bud rot is that it’s difficult to identify. You may want to become harvesting your hashish flora thinking you’ve got the fine healthy crop simplest to discover that you without a doubt have a vain batch of moldy buds. Make sure you purchase the satisfactory dehumidifier for develop room and make sure most effective the great effects and that you don’t encounter this frustration.

Types of Grow Dehumidifier

The type of grow dehumidifiers may be completed from two factors of view. The first one is based on the place which you’re capable of work on, and the second is the dehumidifying generation that it’s as much as.

Here is the first perspective-

Dehumidifier for grow room: They are with excessive dehumidifying ability, and the strength intake is also more than different sorts. They are bulky in size, but some of transportable fashions are in there.

Dehumidifiers for grow tent: These are quite smaller and lighter in comparison to the primary type. They use nearly the identical technology but to a smaller diploma. Therefore, they could cowl up spaces of as much as three hundred-500 rectangular toes.

Dehumidifier for develop boxes: They’re pretty small, commonly non-electric powered kind. They don’t require electric powered energy and that’s sufficient to cowl up small develop containers, shoe packing containers, shelves, etc.

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While shopping for a dehumidifier for the develop tent, you want to keep in mind the factors like the length of the growing room, the weather of the developing sector, tiers of humidity in the air, the price range of the customer, and capabilities required by way of the device. Based upon our research and client evaluations, the top picks inside the listing of first-rate dehumidifier for developing room are HOMELABS HME020030N- ENERGY STAR DEHUMIDIFIER.

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