5 Best Gas Lawn Mower Under $300 Review 2023

Are you tired of pushing a lawn mower and looking for a gas powered option under $300? Look no further! Our team has tested and reviewed the top 5 best gas lawn mowers under $300 to make your decision easier. From the powerful Remington RM210 Pathfinder to the user-friendly Yard Machines 159CC, we’ve got you covered. Find the perfect mower for your lawn and budget with our comprehensive guide.

Mowing a lawn is a hectic task, there are lots of technicalities involved. And doing it with a bad lawn mower is worse. In some neighbourhoods, associations decides how tidy you must keep your lawn. But even without your neighbours’ image, an unclean lawn is not pretty to look at and makes the house itself look damaged.

There are hundreds of lawn mower available in the market ranging from few hundred dollars to thousands. What suits you must not only just cut the grass but should also take care of your pocket. A 300 dollar lawn mower is not a mower with all the features and technology but it can get the job done with minimum effort and maximum effect is you have the right one. How your lawn looks decides your self esteem and mood either you will be happy with your purchase or not but mowing can be therapeutic.

There are definitely difference in a gas lawn mower and a electric one not just in the fuel they consume but also in there efficiency and features and believe me if you are in mood of having a gas lawn mower soon your lawn will be a heaven. They are specially designed for cutting different types of grass and giving a neat finish. Apart from just price there are several things to look before you make the card swipe. Don’t just arrow in the dark, have a proper knowledge so that you can prevent yourself from becoming a fool. Hence to help we have provided you a list of different BEST GAS LAWN MOWER UNDER $300.

We have tried dozens of mower and talked to every shopkeeper we can to get the proper knowledge which every customer should know. After analysing there cutting style, durability and ability to maneuver we have ranked them below.

How We Experimented Gas Lawn Mower

Our test team has spent years putting electric and gas lawn mowers through their paces on every variety of grass, lawn condition, yard size, footprint, and composition. We tested every function and control for use, comfort, power, and quality. We mowed flats, washboard terrain, uphill, downhill, and sidehill. We mowed tall grass and weeds, as well as perfect lawns planted with bluegrass and fine grasses that required a lot of precise labour.

We evaluated the side discharge capabilities of mowers, bagged, mulched, and even looked at whether wheels had a propensity to take up wet grass clippings. Our lawn and tool specialist Roy even laid on a few tiny patches of grass after he completed mowing to assess the tactile feeling in order to get a better idea of the end result because we’re so fussy about mower testing. Due to our intensive testing and research, we are convinced that this guide will lead you to the best lawn mower for your yard. Shop one of the items listed below that our experts have recommended so you may have the best-looking yard possible.

Top 5 Best Gas Lawn Mower Under $300 Review

Remington RM210 Pathfinder 159CC Fwd Gas Lawn Mower


The remington RM210 pathfinder offers powerful 159 cc OHV autochoke engine. You have nice 21 inch cutting deck which gives excellent maneuverability. You can direct the clippings in the collecting bag but this mower has something called surecut blades that lift and circulates as it cuts that means you can evenly spread the mulch as its cuts.
It is very comfortable to use if you have multiple user, you’ll appreciate this has adjustable handle size so that noon will stoop while mowing.Many users say that this mower is simple to put together and use right away , and they love how easily it starts. You can buy this product because it comes with a two year warranty.

Key features

  • 159cc OHV engine
  • 21-inch 3-in-1 cutting deck
  • 6-position height adjusters
  • SureCut blade
  • 8 x 11-inch wheels


  • Relatively quiet than other gas mower.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Cuts tall and thick grass easily.


  • Collection bag soles separately

Yard Machines 159CC 21-Inch Gas Lawn Mower


This is a editor choices mower. This excellent self propelled mower is equipped with a 159cc gas powered engine. The front wheel drive makes it stable and easy to use. We did recommended you to use this mower on small to medium lawn it’s very lightweight and its big wheel ( 8 inch) gives neat finish. You get mulching as well as side discharge options and overall this is great choice that comes under 300$.

Key features

  • 159cc Powermore OHV engine 
  • Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 8 x 8-inch wheels


  • Big front wheel drive.
  • Good grip over handle with vibrator dempeners.


  • Not good for slopes.

Lawn-Boy 17732 Gas Lawn Mower


As the name suggest this lawn mower belongs to your lawn The lawnboy mower is equipped by a Kohler XTX OHV 149cc engine that is guaranteed to start easily. The mower feature rear wheel drive for better traction control. The cutting deck is 21 inch and you can get the right grass height with an easy 2-point deck adjustment system. If you decide to collect the clipping rather than mulching them this comes with a large collection bad to store the grass of your entire lawn so you don’t need to emptied them over and over again.
This mower comes with a 3 year warranty on the engine. So you can be rest assured that the company will honor as this offers one of the best full warranties in the industry. There is a 2 year warranty on body also.

Key features

  • Cutting Width- 21 inch
  • 2-Point Height-of-Cut 
  • Rear Wheel Drive System
  • Gross Torque/ OHV Engine


  • CARB compliant
  • Easy to start with a single pull


  • Difficult to pull backward due to rear wheel drive.

Gdpower 150CC Gas Lawn Mower


The GD power has surprisingly no of feature for such an affordable price.The deck is built with durable steel and the mower is powered by a 150cc OHV engine. There are 8 different heights ranging from 1 to 3 inches so that you can choose your ideal grass height. It is a rear wheel drive which big wheel of 10 inches for easy maneuverability and superior balance.
you get a comfortable padded handle designed to minimize vibration. The collection bag offers 65L of storage. There is only one downside as this comes with only 1 year of warranty.

Key features

  • 20-INCH DECK


  • Nice ergonomic features
  • Folds up for compact storage


  • Short limited warranty

Powersmart DB8620 Gas Lawn Mower


Yes powersmart is a Chinese company. Having a look at its design will surely make us feel that it’s a little different from other American mower. It has a front wheel which might seem little old fashion but helps greatly in its manuevrability
It has 20 inch cutting deck which reduces it’s time to complete the mowing task.
The DB8620 has 196cc 4-stroke OHV engine with a pull start. which makes it qualify to our list .
No matter what kind of grass this mower will do it. The eight cutting height ranging from 1.18 to 3.15 inches offers mulching, side discharge and bagging features.

Key features

  • 196 cc engine
  • 20-Inch Steel mowing deck
  • 3-In-1 side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching
  • 8-position height adjustment
  • 2 years warranties


  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy to adjust handles


  • Service centre might not be available or repairing part may not available everywhere.

Best Gas Lawn Mower Under $300 Buying Guide

Even if you are still confused after the list. Dont worry we got you covered. A buying guide is the most useful section for the customer as it gives the knowledge about the prefrencial order of features that are important. And we are going to do the same. There are various things a new buyer should keep in mind for there gas mower.


Do you prefer the cutted grass to discharge sideways so that the nutrients are supplied back to the soil or do you want to mulch them to use later or to even trash them. Many mower come with all three of them and some come with two in one feature. The mulching option saves money of fertilizers and manure and very convenient to use.


Lawn mowers are generally a high-ticket item. The mowers are bigger than any other garden tools hence we need specific place to store them. Many people have small yard and even small space to store the mower. The mower are machinery made of steel and other metal which easily get rusted. There is a need to store them in safe place from the bad weathers in order to increase there life.
And not to mention the security risk of storing an expensive asset openly in your lawn


Gas mower have far more power than the electric one. If your lawn have high slopes and terrain then go for it but they require high maintainance also. So if you are a fan of low maintenance then it might to tough for you. Otherwise there is always an option of manual push mower that require zero maintainance and give good cleaning now and then.


All the features revolve around just one thing. Your lawn size if you have a large lawn the weight of the mower is a important aspect , the deck size of the mower come to play and fuel capacity and other important thing. The larger the deck size the more area of strip you can cut in a single run. Fuel capacity changes the way we see a mower. A mower with high capacity helps us to not fill our hand with the fuel during the complete mowing process.

Additional Features for Best Gas Lawn Mower Under $300

There are some bonus features that can be seemed as upgrade to the best gas lawn mower under $300. These features doesnot neccesarily increase the manuever capability of the mower but they may contribute to the overall comfort of the mower.

Paddled handles

lawn mower have engines while doing there thermodynamic cycles they vibrate. Which is huge discomfort for the operator. The handles should come up with decliners to minimise the vibrations.

Multi position collection bag

Sometimes we have to reach some corners where it is not easy to reach there if the bag can be removed or positioned can ease our work .

Foldable handles

To save space during storage the mower should come with foldable handles. This also makes there shipping easy without any loss.

Adjustable handle size

This is important so that every height of Operator can use them.


Every tool requires some sort of maintainance . Apart from the trip to the service centre ones in 2-3 seasons . There are lot of small maintainance a lawn mower need to get the longest life out of it. Following are the list of things to keep your mower healthy and strong every season.


Many customers just throw the reading manual and start their mower without it which usually cost them burns. Having a look at the manual and keeping it a accessible place is very important. It contains information like how to use, how to store , how to refill the fuel and other things. Much frustration could be avoided by educating yourself before turning it on.


Lawn mower cuts grass which means there is going to mess with the small cutted fragments going inside the mower. These accumulates reduces the engine performance and eventually cause damage to the unit. After some of mows, it is very important to clean away all the grass and weeds, dust, gravel and animal waste that gets stored inside it. Some mower makes it very easy with an included wash out port where you can connect your regular garden hose but if you don’t have this feature it’s pretty easy to tip it up and rinse it off


The gas mower usually consumes gasoline and releases gases as waste product. Air filter removes the metal vapours and some solid chunks out of it to make the environment clean. However if the filter gets too dirty it can cause decrease in efficiency due to difficulty in removal of waste. So we need to change it from time to time. Once in a season is sufficient to keep its efficiency good.


Gas mowers require spark plugs to switch the engine on. It is advised to change it in a season even if the old one hasn’t completely died. Spark plug decline in effectiveness over replacing means your engine will start more easily and give better fuel economy. Though it may look like a waste to buy a new one even if the old one is working but believe me in the end it will be profitable.

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Final Words

We have shown you TOP 5 BEST GAS LAWN MOWER UNDER $300. Now its up to you to decide which one is best for your lawn. You have acquire enough knowledge that now you can’t be fooled. Even now we recommend to you to have a hand in a mower before you purchase. Now its time to end our discussion happy mowing summer to you.

I hope you reach knowledge after read this post and solved your query about gas lawn mowers. If you have any question about lawn mower then feel free to comment in below boxes or contact us. Share with your friends or family member who are looking BEST GAS LAWN MOWER UNDER $300. Thanks 🙂

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