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Best Push Mower Under 300$ Review 2023

Are you tired of seeing your lawn messy. The uncut and unhealthy grass must be a pain and if you are one of those who always wanted a place to hangout/party and do nigh outs then you could have an idea of how uncut grasses usually invites insect and snakes which are dangerous for everyone. So here you can check BEST PUSH MOWER UNDER 300$.

300$ is not a small amount, hence it is very important to look for all the details and knowledge one can gather about push lawn mowers. But don’t worry we are here! Since you have reached a reliable source now you are one step closer to your soft grassy lawn.

Push lawn mower are of two categories first category mower have engines build inside them to rotate the blades and do the cutting while the second type doesn’t, they are manual mower and work only on manpower. The operate is needed to push the lawnmower across the grass and the blades rotate as the mower moves.

Second category mower are generally very cheap and first category mowers are little pricey. They vary in price according to there capacity and quality. Both type are available under 300$ and it is up to user will to choose according to there need and requirement

Top 5 Best Push Mower Under 300$ Review

We felt the need to give you a list of lawn mower which will work best in everybody hands. These are alrounder mower, we tested them over acres of lands and dozens of hours continuously to let them reach there breaking point. We mowed flat areas, hilly slope , border line to locate there handling and accuracy. Without any further late have alook at our suggestions.

WORX WG779 40V Power Share PUSH Lawn Mower


This mower is a electric charged mower with cutting deck of 14 inches. The battery equipped inside is 40V Max lithium-ion with 2 removable 20V 4.0Ah Power Share batteries and Intellect technology. The mower has special INTELLICUT technology which provide torque over blades on demand for rougher use. The capacity of this mower is around 5500 sq feet in a single charge.

The mower is light weighted designed making it very easy to store in compact storages spaces. However being light weighted this mower doesn’t compromise with its ability to maneuver and power. Proper indicators on the right to suggest the charge remaining and how much mow you have left to go. The mower becomes full charge within an hour’s of connecting. The mower can mulch and bag , the bag capacity is of 0.85 bushels. Adjustable size of the deck can be varied with the help of a single lever adjustment.

The only drawback of this mower is the mower cannot be used over wet grass. Wet grass inhibit the performance and clumps interfere with mulches and decrease runtime. The mower is still a best choice because the WORX company offer a 30 day guaranteed money back, in case the mower isn’t right for you. Otherwise the warranty offered is of 3 years if registered online within first month of purchase or of 2 years if the customer doesn’t register.

Key features



  • The mower is compact, lightweight and foldable for storage.
  • The mower has 30 days guaranteed
  • The height range is of 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches.
  • Gripped handles for minimum vibrations.


  • The mower doesn’t functions side discharge but this isn’t a good excuse.

Sun Joe MJ401C PUSH Lawn Mower


The mower is electrical power with cutting width of 14 inches. The battery inside this mower is of 28 volts rechargeable lithium ion which give approx. 28 min of whisper quiet runtime. This mower has work area of around .25-.5 acres. The mower has three different height option and can only bag the clippings. The volume of the grass collecting bag is around 40 liters with easy detachment feature for proper disposal.

The body contain LED meter to indicate the battery life and a push start button for easy start. The front wheel size of the mower is same as rear wheel which makes it very stable for slopes and uneven areas. The battery fully charge in 3 hours and comes with a 4 Amp charger included in purchase. The minimum cutting height is 1.75 and max is 2.4 inches. The weight of the mower with empty grass bag is 29 lbs. and dimensions 61.5 x 16.5×21 inches. The mower comes with 3 month return policy and 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Key features



  • The battery, charger and bag is included in purchase of price only 176$.
  • Price is good for budget buyer.
  • Key start for easy and safe start.
  • CSL listed and ETL listed certificates.


Only bagging option no mulching or discharge option.

Greenworks 40V PUSH Lawn Mower


This is the best selling lawn mower in U.S . This mower is indeed packed with features you would like to see in your dream mower. This mower holds capacity of mowing around 2690 sq. Feets ( roughly around a tennis court) in a single charge. The battery inside is lithium ion 40 Volt 1 Ah/2Ah( optional) and a cutting width of 14 inches. The mower has super speed charging time of 30 minutes which gives exactly same runtime of 30 minutes.

The grass box attached to the back has size 13 gallon. The cutting height like all the mower is also variable with single lever in the range of 1.25 to 3.8 inches. This mower produced guaranteed sound of loudness around 95 db. This mower has rear wheel of diameter 7 inches and front wheel of 6 inches. As all the Greenwork model this model also support mulching there are fine blades that produces very small mulch.

The model has weight of 35.11 lbs. Being a little heavy yet it requires no effort in pushing it across the lawn.

Key features

  • 40V Lithium Battery
  • 17” deck is versatile and light weight
  • 2-in-1 feature offers rear bagging and mulching capability
  • 5-position height adjustment


  • The mower is so quiet that you can cut 6 in morning and no one will be awake.
  • The mower comes with a 2 year limited warranty
  • The mower has dual safety switch to stop the blade as soon as you remove your hand from the handle bar.


  • The mower does not have roller at the front for stripes so no stripy lawn.

PowerSmart DB8621P Push Lawn Mower


This mower is a gas engine mower. This is the first gas engined mower in our list. Beside some disadvantages due to gas fuel this mower has features not available at this cost in any other mower. So yes if you don’t get bother with its smelly gas fuel and lound noise it is a great investment. The deck of this mower is steel and of width 21 inch which means faster work than other mowers. The cutting height also can be varied to 5 heights from 1.18 to 3 inches.

The mower has fuel tank at front with capacity of 18 gal . The powersmart mower starts by pulling up a cord and igniting the fuel. The engine inside it is 159 cc with 4 strokes OHV, single cylinder with forced air cooling system and includes 3 in 1 features of mulching/ bagging/ side discharge. For easy transportation the weight is just 68 lbs. and handles are foldable for compact storage.

The dimensions of the mower is 83.8 x 45.7 x 58.4 Centimeters. Powersmart offers only 10 day returnable guarantee and a warranty of 2 years on any damage.

Key features

  • Easy pull starting
  • 3-in-1 bag
  • 5-Position Height adjustment
  • 8-inch rear wheels make it easy to push
  • 21-Inch Steel mowing deck


  • Easy to detach grass collector
  • Runs good on slopes
  • Have all three options
  • Assembly requires only 10 minutes.


  • It is gas powered and some customers reported spewing of fuel.

Great States 304-14 Push Lawn Mower


This is mower for small yard and household owner who are under budget and ready to the leg work for there lawn. This mower doesnot have engine and work on manual push by the operator.
The cutting width is of 14 inches and blades are made of heat treated alloy steel. The cutting height can be varied from .5 to 1.75 inches.

This mower is economic and greener the dimension are of 20.00 x 24.00 x 42.50 Inches only. And for proper and strong grip the handles have t shirt style design. The wheel are of size 8.5 inches makes pushing less painful. Another plus point this mower doesn’t make a single noise which is very hard to find. The mower comes with 180 day return policy and 1 year limited warranty.

Key features

  • Quick, adjustable cutting
  • 14″ Cutting width
  • 5-Blade ball bearing reel
  • 8.5″ Composite wheels
  • T-style handle
  • Clean and quiet way to maintain your lawn


  1. Lightweight and easy to store.
  2. Deck material 12 gauge steel.
  3. Works good on slopes and flat surface.


  • If you have wide grass in your yard, you will have to stop and go frequently because it gets stuck.

Best Push Mower Under 300$ Buying Guideline

Lawn geography

Your lawn is the victim it is on him where the mower is going to work hence it is important to note the geography of the lawn. Question like What type of grasses/ plants or leaves get spread on it? Is it soft or rough grass? What is the area of the mowing? And yes, If your lawn is in slope then these mower are not very effective in it.

You only need to shortlist the mowers that meets your requirements and not have to get outsight by useless features. For example if your lawn is in area where gas stations are really far away then there is no profit in keeping a gas mower no matter how good it works.

Power supply

There are two common supplies electric or gas. Although there are more version inside them but broadly there are two. Not to keep you in any dust we will come straight to answer which one is better. The answer is electric as you would already know. Electric mower requires zero maintenance and are cleaner to use. They doesn’t pollute your lawn with harmful gases and get you a dirty smell while charging/ refueling. Gas mower are good alternative but there aren’t any good model other than those in our list that come under $300.

Sound / noise

The whole point of keeping a lawn mower is to get a place where you can chill or use it. Then noisy mower are no better than curse. Mowers are available that minimizes the sound to very extend that noise doesn’t reach over a meter away. A mower under loudness under 100 db. is a good investment over hundred 100db skip to some other choice.


Since in this article we only talked about push mower which means you need to constantly push them with a handle joined. Mowers can be dangerous if gone out off control hence some mower comes with dual safety mechanism to stop as soon as user leaves the handles. Handles are also related to user comfort soft handles with proper vibration covering gives user pleasant experience.


Push mower are the mowers that requires least maintenance. Still for there long life one should take them to shop from time to time. After years of use the common problem with these cheap mower comes of blades. So a common maintenance that requires is to either change the blade or sharp the blades both work has to be done under professional look and guide.

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Final Verdict

For Push mower under $300 we gave you five choice in which we mentioned all types electric, gas, manual mowers. Now it is up to you to select the one that fit best. Last word of advice we will suggest you to go with Worx wg779 mower. It is available online/ offline purchase according to your convince whatever you prefer.

I hope you got best mower after read this post and solved your query about push lawn mower. If you have any query about gas lawn mower then feel free to comment in below boxes. Share with your friends or family member who are looking BEST PUSH MOWER UNDER 300$. 

So now summer is here get your lawn ready for partying it’s already getting late.

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