best ride on mower for uneven ground

Best Ride On Mower for Uneven Ground Review 2023

BEST RIDE ON MOWER FOR UNEVEN GROUND: Giving aesthetic look to your lawn is the thing many people with gardening hobby desire. But not all achieves it ! What can be the problem? Improper tools and lack of advisory on quality machinery is the answer. For example, If you have overgrown uneven terrain, you cannot expect a perfectly trimmed lawn from a normal push mower, you need better lawn mowers which surpassed the limits of push mower and designed specially to tackle all aspects of uneven geographical lawn. 

In this article, we help you with riding lawn mower that reduces mow time, improve comfort and offer an abundance of options to facilitate yard care and most importantly handle all the humps and bumps. 

In a perfect world, our lawns would be flag as football field and let’s face it cutting the grass is never so much fun. That’s why narrowing down your options when choosing with a professional lawn care specialist proves very helpful. The devices that we have become the heroes of today’s article operate in difficult conditions and are experiencing serious workloads. 

5 Best Ride On Mower for Uneven Ground

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z254’s  performance hits the grass and style uniquely and proves effective in any type of land. Featuring a 54 inch reinforced steel cutting deck combined with Husqvarna innovative features gives maintenance free transmission. This mower is a zero turn mower means it will have zero turning radius and won’t leaves traces or patches of uncut grass a anywhere around the lawn. The air induction mowing technology in this Husqvarna z254 is one of the most attracting feature in this machine. Air is drawn from top and bottom of the deck which lifts grass upward and deliver superior cut. 



  • This can mow 2.8 acres of area per hour
  • Max speed forward is 6.5 mph which is decent
  • 54 inch deck size
  • 3 years homeowner warranty.


  • Some Customer reviews hard to start issue after long use.

Husqvarna TS 354XD Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin Hydrostatic Mower

This Husqvarna TS 354XD is build to last. This is a lawn tractor that has features that surpasses it’s competitor. His compact size makes it easy to maneuver in areas hard to reach and takes less space for storage. Features such as fender mounted cutting height adjustment, adjustable seat, ergonomic steering makes these tractors simple yet undefeated. This is a hydrostatic transmitted mower and has variable forward and reverse speed. Backed by class leading warranties, YTH series tractor are something you can trust. The cutting width of this tractor is 46 inches and engine Manufactured by Briggs and Stratton that gives power output of 22 horse power. 



  • Inbuilt deck wash port which cleans in and out of deck and can be connected to regular garden hose
  • Reverse operating system disengages the cutting blades when driving in reverse unless key is set to mow in reverse for safety
  • 2 years limited warranty.


  • Not really suited for very very large areas.

Snapper Classic RER200 Rear Engine Riding Mower 

The famous word snapper is always backed by popular demands. This classic Rider mower adapts easily to your lawn geography. Also thanks to its low centre of gravity that provides better traction and friction while mowing. The RER200 is equipped with a Hi Vac® mower deck offering a cutting width of 33 inches or 84 cm. This product also features Ninja® mulching blades that mulch your grass clippings. For forward speed you can reach to maximum 6 km/h and for also reverse 6km/h. The engine is Manufactured by Briggs and Stratton and has electric starting with deck movement through manual lever.



  • Parking blades locks wheel to park on hilly terrain
  • Easy to change from mulching to side discharge with toolless changeover
  • 3 years limited warranty.


  • Might struggle for hilly terrain.

Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Ride On Mower

The Ariens IkON-X is a 52 inch zero turn mower that is packed with commercial quality in homeowner budget. This mower is built to perform for uneven terrain and hilly areas. From the 23 horse power kawasaki FR-V twin engine this is tougher and long lasting. Made from fully welded steel  tubular frames confirms years of usage and durability. Dial operated cutting height selector eliminates pin and levers to set your exact cutting height which can be varied from 1.5 inch to 4.5 inch for customised cut. It has adjustable Intelligent seat such that in any case you leave your seat the mowing deck and engine will automatically shut down for safety.



  • Powered by Kawasaki engine
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Easy to use interface
  • Great value for money


  •  As time of writing, no negative reviews are there.

Poulan Pro PP20VA46 V-Twin Riding Mower

Poulan pro is a stylish and another powerful lawn mower in ride on mowers category. This is equipped with Briggs and Stratton® twin cylinder 20 horsepower engine with Readystart® auto choke starting system that powers up easily. The pedal operated Fast CVT transmission means there’s no need to clutch or stop to change speed. The cutting deck of this mower is 46 inches wide. And forward speed capable of reaching till 8 mph. The turning radius of this mower is 6 inches and that’s perfect for manoeuvring around challenging terrain and obstacle like trees, shrubs. Fuel tank of this piece is 2.5 gallons which can easily mow 1.5 acres of land. 



  • Support mulch, side discharge and collect three in one feature
  • 10 year automatic transmission belt warranty
  • 2 years customer warranty
  • Has flash headlight for night time mowing


  • Doesn’t have hour meter. 

Best Ride On Mower for Uneven Ground  : Zero Turn / Garden Tractors


ZTR or zero turn mower are ideal for those with large land area and want to have less time erasing the space. What special about these ZTR mower is they can rotate 360° at there own axis or they have zero turn radius. This unique feature eliminate the risk of encountering uncut areas when manoeuvring around flower beds and other obstacles. Zero turn mower provides best speed in forward and in reverse and has lower centre of gravity allowing better traction to ground and giving superior cut in all type of terrain.


Garden tractors are cost effective alternative of zero turn mower. Garden tractors are safe,  versatile and smooth way of maintaining various types of lawns, regardless of how much slope your lawn has or how much uneven it is. The ability of garden tractors  to be operate by foot pedals means that you have greater control over steering. The mower type is perfectly suited for small and big lawns of area over 1 acres and the multitude of accessories combined with durability makes it perfect for all year- round general uses. 

Best Ride On Mower for Uneven Ground Buying Guide


This is the most important thing to consider while selecting the mower. Riding mowers are generally known to handle all type of terrain and uneven ground. The best one among the lot is found on the basis of how easily they can tackle the rough geography. Yard size also dictate how big you need your lawnmower to be. For more than one acres of land you can chose ride on mowers and if you have property lower than 1 acre try for self propelled and push mower they are cheaper and will work best in your case. 


Ride on mowers comes in many different sizes. The distinction between them is mainly on the basis of the ‘cutting width’ .  Cutting width refers to how much wide the lawn mower can cut in one go. It is the width of the stripe that is in contact with the edges of the blade. Cutting width in ride on mower varies from 30 inch to 72 inch. So selection of right size mower is imperative. Normally, a cutting deck of 50 inch or more is suited for lawns with large area with obstructions in the way. And for areas that are smaller and have various obstacles to maneuver around a cutting deck of 40 inches is more appropriate. 


The more horsepower a ride on mower has, the faster it will move. Typically, a 31 horsepower ride on mower will be able to give approx. forward speed of 19km/h (depending on the transmission scheme of the machine ) and is ideal for providing maximum power when cutting on steep inclines and larger lawns. Do not purchase a lawnmower with a weak engine because you are buying it for worsen geography condition possible and it will be required to mow at full speed. Low powered engine also affects the durability of the product and leaves you exhausted from the noise produced. 


A ride on lawn mower has three primary transmission : 

Manual transmission

In manual transmission it requires you to change the gears by yourself manually, which changes the speed of the motor. This transmission provides greater control and more power but sometimes people may get annoyed with all the work that’s to be constantly done while changing from gears to gears. But no downside in its performance. 

Automatic transmission

This transmission type focuses on comforting the operator from all the burden of changing gears manually. This transmission works similar to automatic vehicles. The belt and pulley system transfers power to the motor and driving wheels which makes riding easier for those with little mowing experience. An advantage of automatic and hydraulic transmission mower is that many of them come with optional cruise control allowing them to move at one speed for long stretch. 

Hydrostatic transmission

It is the sturdiest and most high powered type of transmission. The driver in this transmission does not need to use the pedal to shift and there is also no belt. Instead fluids are responsible for shifting power from engine to the wheels, making an exceptionally smooth ride. But the added Durability comes with the cost, the Hydrostatic mower are most expensive. So buyers will have to weigh the superior performance against the high cost required to purchase and maintain hydrostatic mower.

Gas vs Electric

The advent of battery technology in recent years has cut the cord attached to the mowers. And has made them more tougher opponent to the gas powered lawn mower. Battery powered lawnmowers uses rechargeable lithium ion battery cells and with most models, you ‘ll get a maximum of 30 to 60 minutes of runtime in a single charge. Also these mower are more easier to maintain as there is no spark plug to change, no carburettor to clean and no fuel to refill around your yard. Not to mention the environmental friendly approach of battery mowers gives a plus side to its impact as there is no harmful gases releasing around your yard.

On the other hand, gas alternative are also filled with lots of pros. Gas powered lawn mower will cut any type of grass and has plenty of power. They run effortlessly and even cheaper models typically have robust motors that are capable of handling any lawn. Also, these mowers have good runtime, with a big size mower they can hold up to 2 gallons of fuel. However smaller one have 1 gallon fuel capacity which is enough to fuel a decent size lawn. One more advantage of gas mower have over electric mower is they can even now on wet lawns whereas electric mower cannot. The high torque motor cuts the clipping like ninjas from the anime. 


Safety is paramount when working mechanical device. Whirring blades, gas engines, and masses of pounds in weight can add as much as a catastrophe for the unwary.

Consider the following protection tips whilst running a lawnmower:

  1. Walk the backyard before mowing to ensure it’s clean of particles that the blades may additionally throw.
  2. Keep discharge chutes pointed away from humans, pets, motors, and structures.
  3. Allow gasoline mowers to cool before refueling to avoid a hearth.
  4. Do now not run the mower in a storage or other poorly ventilated area.
  5. When mowing on an incline, keep the mower perpendicular to the direction of the slope. Mowing parallel to the hill will increase the risk of a rollover accident.
  6. Disconnect the spark plug earlier than doing maintenance to prevent an unintended startup while running at the system.
  7. Do not allow extra riders at the mower.
  8. Many riding mowers contain a lifeless guy’s switch: a sensor detects the driver’s weight and kills the engine if the rider stands up or falls out of the seat, reducing the capacity of a runaway mower.

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When selecting the ideal lawnmower it’s vital to see what’s necessary and what’s useless for your lawn. Plenty of features may be just showcase and doesn’t have real usage in daily life. Spend some time looking for more mowers like these to have all rounded knowledge of the game. Don’t listen to sales rep if your visit any store, they always look for selling the most expensive model. We hope this article have been some use to you. We don’t think there anything else for you to know before buying your perfect lawn mower. Happy mowing to you! 

I hope you got best mower after read this post and solved your query about lawn mower. If you have any query about BEST RIDE ON MOWER FOR UNEVEN GROUND then feel free to comment in below boxes. Share with your friends or family member who are looking BEST RIDE ON MOWER FOR UNEVEN GROUND.

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