5 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Tall Grass Review 2023

BEST RIDING LAWN MOWER FOR TALL GRASS: Owning big lawns can be huge headache and problematic if didn’t cared upon regularly and properly . And one thing that keeps on growing with time is grass. Grasses of different kind, grows in different season and their maintenance require different variety of tools for healthy growth. Here Lawn mowers adds up huge advantage to lawn owners. There speed and accuracy makes hours of cutting piece of cake.

The traditional regular rotary Mowers gives decent job when it comes to cutting but for tall grasses everyone with the slightest knowledge in the field of lawn maintenance will prefer riding lawn mowers. Out of hundreds of options in the market not all mower can meet your requirements and being an important purchase which does not happens regularly it is important to generate a outline over the current scenario of the choices in the market. Hence to help you out we have made a list of Best riding lawn mowers for tall grass. 

How We Tested Riding Lawn Mower for Tall Grass

We let the below mentioned lawn mower mow continuously for hours, from tall to thick we let these beast roar throughout the day. Only the machine giving genuine and promising performance has made to this list. There ability to cut hard corners, patched grass, border line were main criteria for there selection. And no need to worry they are specially for tall grasses as the headline suggest. 


This machine is here in the list because it has given us high quality performance and provided comforts and reliability. This mower has Kawasaki engine which gives 21 hp for effective mowing. The deck size of the same is 61 inches which is tremendous for any lawn size. The deck is made with 11 gauge steel and can be lowered down for giving cutting range height of 1.5 inch to 4.5 inches.


The mower has impressive speed control and is padded with dampeners that reduces the vibrations due to engines for ensuring comfortable rides. This is a zero turn mower which means it can be rotated with zero radius making it easy to cut long roads. The cutting options available with the machine are side discharge and bagging, you have to buy mulch kit you are hoping for mulching facility. Last but not least it has a service indicator letting you know if it needs any maintenance.


  1. Powerful engine
  2. Great cutting width size
  3. ROPS 
  4. 3 years of warranty 


  1. The machine has some traction issues and unable to ride high slopes.


Craftsman is a well reputed brand when it comes to lawn mowers. This model of craftsman lawn mower is known for its high quality performance in affordable price. The mower has Briggs and Stratton Engine that gives overall power of 19 horse power. The mower has hydrostatic transmission, so you don’t need to stop the mower while changing gears.


The mower has cutting width of 46 inches which is good for medium sized lawns. The deck is made of 13 gauge steel which can be varied to cutting height from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. The mower is a front engine riding mower which cuts precisely and give 5 inch turning radius. Like the above this mower also has side discharge and baggage option and one can purchase the additional mulching kit. The power type is gasoline and has fuel tank capacity of 1.8 gallons. The unique feature of this mower is its readystart ® technology which makes it start within seconds.


  1. Mow in reverse
  2. 1 year warranty
  3. Readystart technology
  4. Impressive maneuverability


  1. A little lounder for congested area.


This tractor model is relatively light weight and has smaller gas tank as compared to other mowers. The tool is powered by briggs and Stratton engine which give 22 horse power which is enough to tackle any land. The cutting width of the machine is 48 inches. The pedal-operated Fast CVT automatic transmission means there’s no need to clutch or stop to change speed or direction. The mower is fuelled by gasoline and has tank capacity of 2.5 gallons with reserve.


The cutting deck is stamped, reinforced type which can be varied to height for cutting from 1.5 to 4 inches. The machine is also equipped with the readystart technology for easy start. The warranty given for this product is 2 years which is quite good according to the price. It also has an deck washout port which can be connected to your garden hose for washing the clippings in your deck this feature is very helpful as clippings are very difficulty to handle.


  1. Good value for money.
  2. Reverse mow capability
  3. Maintenance reminder.
  4. Headlights for night usage.


  1.  This has vibration which are not that much but there still there are.


This lawn mower has the most impressive cutting we have seen. The mower has Kohler V- Twin OHV engine that delivers plenty of power to mow any boundary of lawn. The cutting width of the mower is 46 inches. The deck is 12 gauge stamped steel and has twin blades that provide high quality cutting. The cutting height can be varied in 12 steps from 1 inch to 4 inches and the deck lift is spring assisted and quite comfortable with the lever given alongside the side.


This is also a tractor model hence has 16 inch turning radius. The highest speed of the mower is 5.5 mph forward and 3.1 mph in reverse speed. The mower also features cruise control so that you can get your desired speed with a push of button.


  1. Goes around any object easily.
  2. Deck washing port available.
  3. Cut tall grass well.
  4. Assembly is very easy.
  5. 2 year warranty.


  1. Need to buy mulching kit separately.


This swisher zero turn mower has 24 horse power engine manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. The machine is a zero turn mower hence it is very controllable. The cutting width of the mower is 54 inches which is fairly good for land over 2 acres. The deck is made of 12 gauge steel and the height can varied from 1.5 inches to 4 inches for variety of grasses. The fuel used in it is gasoline and has fuel tank capacity of 8 gallons which means you will never require to refuel it between your mowing activities.


This is a different brand and if you are bored of all the mainstream brands then this is a mower to give a shot. It has low centre of gravity which makes it very comfortable to sit and drive. The fabricated deck also has airflow from front debris which makes the grass stand while cutting. The warranty on this product is 3 years.


  1. Rapid response control system.
  2. Food assisted deck lift.
  3. Great fuel capacity.
  4. Good warranty period.


  1. A bit expensive and out of budget for some customers.

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Tall Grass Buying Guide

All the mowers mentioned above are good enough though there are still things to check if you find any lawn mower for tall grasses.


The cutting width measures the width of the lawn a mower can cut in one go. Larger cutting width means lesser cutting time and less efforts from the operator. This might seem a smaller property but has significant impact on the mower you choose. Riding lawn mowers have generally 45-50 inches wide cutting deck. Cutting width also depend upon the size of lawn you perform. If the lawn has greater hard to reach corners and is relatively smaller then you ought to go for smaller sizes. A larger model is good for open layouts and spaces. 


One of the main thing that is noted while buying any vehicle is power. How much power can it produce?. In lawn mowers power demonstrate how efficiently the machine can cut grass. You have to take account the geography/weather condition of your lawn to answer this question this question. Lawns in hilly area where there are large ascend and descend movement requires a equipment that has larger engine and has larger power. 


A riding mower with Hydrostatic transmission is way better than tractors with manual transmission. In manual transmission you have to stop the mower every time you change gears. While hydrostatic transmission gives you smooth and seamless adjustment while driving. There are two types of hydrostatic transmission model one have peddle operated transmission while in other you can control them through lever operated. It is the choice of user to choose which ever they find comfortable.


Refuelling in the middle of mowing activity is very annoying and the last thing anyone would want to deal with. Capacity of the tank is directly proportional to the size of lawn mower. It depends upon individual according to the area of your land one must figure out the adequate amount of fuel which would complete the task without any disturbance. If the land is smaller it would be a waste of money to buy big bulky lawn mowers.


One of the most advancing feature of new generation lawn mower is there ability to cut the grass clipping into smaller segments and return them back to grass as in form of manure. This feature increases the fertility of the land and keeps the nutrients balanced in the soil.

But in modern day lawn mowing, some customers are impressed with there bagging capacity. The fact that you can collect all the grass clipping and dispose them thereafter according to your will has helped the users to reduce there time and effort needed for the job. 


Doesn’t matter how beastly your lawn mower is. If you cannot use it without any considerate hardship of your brain it’s useless. An mower should be easy to use and should have simple controls. Even if you are beginner, you should at least know the basic and should at least be able to read the instructions and assemble the product.


Grass clippings are very difficult to wash if there is no washout port for clearing deck after mowing. Grass clippings also hinders the engines mileage and performance hence it is important to have one in your mower. 


The warranty period is very Important too. Sometimes many customers report the problems in their mower and because of no warranty they got rejected and become worthless in a second. Not only this warranty period guarantee you the confidence the company has put forward in their machine. The longer the warranty period the more you can expect the product to serve you. 

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Tall Grass Reviews

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Wrap up

At last we would like to advice you ” don’t get over excited by the features you don’t need ” most of the lawn mowers have many useless features which just keep adding you the cost. Look for your lawn requirements then only click the purchase button.

If you are looking for the best of all riding lawn mower for tall grasses we would suggest you to buy the SWISHER ZERO TURN MOWER AND HUSQVARNA MZ61. If this fits under your budget or even if you are under budget you can look for options like EMI and finances. At last thank you for reading. Good to have you.. happy Mowing 🙂

Stay HOME, Stay SAFE and Order ONLINE without WORRY 🙂

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Tall Grass FAQ

What to do if the mower does not start?

If your mower does not start, check the spark plugs and carburettors, as these are often the biggest culprits responsible for such issues. Always ensure that the mower has enough fuels as they often break down if left unattended for more than a month. Worn out spark plugs may also cause similar problems.

How to ensure a long life for your lawn mower?

After you are done with your mowing job, take good care of your mower by cleaning it thoroughly before putting it away. Also, remember to drain and dispose of any stale fuel. Adding fresh gas will stabilize the engine and add years to your investment. If the carburettor gets clogged up, get it cleaned by a professional.

When does the engine start smoking?

When you see the smoke emitting from the mower turns from black to blue, and then becomes white, this means that the engine is burning oil. You must get the equipment serviced by an experienced mechanic. Similarly, if you see black smoke, this means that the carburettor is clogged and the combustion of fuel is incomplete. In this case, you must clean the carburettor and fuel filter.

Is it okay to cut tall grass when wet?

Wet tall grass is hard to cut as they tend to bend, plus they also strain the mower causing the engine to overheat. However, this depends a lot on the capacity of mowers. Some powerful models with good cutting decks and sharp blades are good at handling wet lawns. For average models, we would recommend that you wait until the grass dries up before using the mower.

What is the best time to mow the lawn?

We would say there are two best times of the day – the first is the mid-morning hours between 8 and 10 am, when the morning dew has dried and the sun is not too unbearable. The second time is late afternoon, between 4 and 6 pm, when the temperature has cooled and there’s still enough light to complete the task.

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