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Best Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader Review 2023

Best tow behind fertilizer spreader: Being on top of maintenance and service is not only the duty of every property owner but also is best for every kind of lawn. And by any chance if you wish to transform your lawn, some tools and machinery are very necessary for the change. To have the lushest, greenest lawn, consistency at fertilizering and seeding is necessary. But this is not an easy task as fertilizers and seeds have tendency to clump up together when they get tossed by hands thus leaving patches of areas deprived of any plantation. Hence it makes sense to buy a tow behind fertilizer spreader for your property. It gets the job faster and more accurately and more importantly they save the man power, tow behind as the name suggest these spreaders are attached to tractors or other lawn vehicles so you can use them to spread the granulated material evenly throughout the lawn. 

As we discussed the significance of a tow behind fertilizer spreader, you have to understand how important it is to apply these products correctly. You might think you can just toss them around your yard and wait for hocus pocus, but there’s many things to consider to get your appropriate type spreader to make sure they match with the type of grass and land you drive them on.  
In this article, we tried our best to discover the top rated and branded tow behind spreader. We searched all over internet, discussed with various owners and professional so that you can make your buying decision fast and accurate. Read out these comparisons, pros and cons and see what suits your needs.

5 Best Tow Behind Fertilizer/Seed Spreader Review


Need to spread larger lawn ? This is a perfect product for you. Brinly’s BS36BH tow behind fertilizer spreader features a high capacity 3.5 cu. ft. hopper. Heavy duty in performance with weight of 175 lbs. This is an ideal for those with 1 acres or larger land area. It’s universal tow hitch fits most lawn tractors so you don’t have to drag it all the time. Brinly’s easy to access caliberation controls makes putting down the proper amount of product easy and effective.

best tow behind fertilizer spreader

Made up of polythene so it stands up to even the most corrosive fertilizers for years of dependability. Brinly’s AutoFlow™ is a unique feature that this spreader has which automatically stops material from flowing when you stop your lawn tractor, which eliminates waste and collection of product on one spot. Equipped with large 14 inch four tubeless pneumatic tires for smooth tow and long lasting service. It centres the distribution pattern and guarantees a balance application.


  • Easy to reach calibration system with lock setting dial
  • High speed movement is possible
  • Minimises the number of refills and cover almost 1 acres
  • Easy to understand assembling instructions


  • Hard to reach control levers from zero turn mowers.


The CMXGZBF7124571 broadcast spreader is the best for all seasonal spreading. It has uniques styling and Durability is top notch. This comes with 3/4 inch tubing, solid axle, heat treated gear and sprocket for longer product life. This can have upto 10 inch spread width in broadcast pattern.

best tow behind fertilizer spreader

The 10 inch large pneumatic tires allow for smooth transport. Also being rustproof which can handle corrosive fertilizers for long time without decreasing the product life. This is a 110lbs hopper capacity tow behind which can cover approximately 1/3 acres, 17500 so. Ft. Being a broadcast spreader it can also spread weed control, seed and ice melts. On/off control accessible from standard riders seats for proper and precise application.


  • Easy Assembly
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Heavy duty steel gear for increased product life.


  •  Low width of spread only 10 inches.


This improved design and built for reliability product is a the best heavy duty premium model in our list. This spreader tackles the most common problem among other competitors i.e Reloading the spreader over and over again which is very time consuming and tiresome. The john deere is an well known brand for gardening products and thus they give 1 year of warranty. This 175 lbs tow behind broadcast spreader expedites the job with less passes.

best tow behind fertilizer spreader

The spreader is specially built to last, the polythene hopper won’t rush or dent even with the toughest fertilizers and the gears are fully enclosed to protect against corrosion. Auto flow ensures accurate and precise application and stops material from spreading when the tractor stops. Use year round to apply seed, fertilizers and lawn chemicals or in the winter to spread sand, salts or melting agents. 


  • Maximum spread of 12 ft.
  • Spreading capacity 175 lbs, 3.5 cu ft.
  • Universal hitch allows easy connection to most vehicles.


  • Expensive a bit.


Another great product in our list Agri-Fab tow behind broadcast spreader. To start, this spreader has 130lbs hopper capacity. This allows you to cover large spaces of area over 1 acres or more without need to be refilled. This saves the time for you to stop and refill the hopper.

best tow behind fertilizer spreader

With a commercial grade gearbox and easy set controls, this product is meant to be the smarter one of our list. The spreading width is 12 ft. And the pneumatic tires provide maneuverability. You can use this not only for fertilizer but also for grass seed, ice melts, pesticide and weed killer. 


  • User can have access to control rod from the tractor
  • It uses large and sturdy wheels
  • Rustproof material for hopper.


It has limited on and off adjustment, may not be able to spread seeds or baits to smaller sizes accurately.

Spyker Pro Series P30-17520 Tow Spreader

From the research that I actually have completed, there are some human beings that complained about it being a chunk tougher than regular to prepare.

best tow behind fertilizer spreader

The Spyker Pro Series P30-17520 is a commercial grade spreader. It is the highest priced spreader on my list, but it commands that price. It comes with an all steel 1 1/8″ powder coated frame and enclosed metal gear system for long lasting durability.

It has a 175 pound capacity, so you don’t need to refill it very often and the tires handle bumps well.


  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Rain cover included
  • Replacement parts can be ordered if needed
  • Powder coated steel welded frame


  • Does not work well with zero turn mowers

Buying Guide for Best Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader

First off, recollect whether you want a published style or drop fashion. Generally, there are numerous extra broadcast fashions to choose from compared to a drop-fashion model, however in case you need absolute precision for your fertilization, then you can need to keep in mind a drop fashion.

Also, recollect your private home length. A larger property may indicate the want for a bigger hopper to avoid having to continuously prevent to fill up. Also, be aware of the most width of unfold with a purpose to cover as a whole lot floor as feasible in one skip if efficiency is a difficulty.

If you are evaluating a tow-in the back of with a push or hand held spreader, remember the quantity of fabric it can hold as well as the effort it will require you to get it to unfold. There are many massive potential push spreaders which can be designed for larger lawns and choppy terrains, however they do require you to push them, rather than pull in the back of. This means that you will need to accommodate the burden of your spreadable cloth as nicely at some point of this process.

Types Fertilizer Spreader

Pull Behind Broadcast Spreader

A tow behind broadcast spreader use a spinning fan mechanism to shoot the contents from the hopper out in a circular spray as the spreader moves along. This broadcast of seed, fertilizer, ice-melt, etc., allows for even distribution over a large area.

FYI, if you use your spreader for salt or ice-melt, you want to make sure you clean it after every use. Ice-mel chemicals can break down the spreader faster than normal.

Broadcast spreaders save time and energy by covering a larger area more quickly than drop spreaders can, but they don’t perform as well in tight spaces.

Tow Behind Drop Spreader

A pull behind drop spreader has benefits as well.

A drop style spreader is ideal in situations where you need more precision to your distribution.

While broadcast spreaders send a wider spray, they can also end up causing you to waste your fertilizer or seed in certain areas you don’t want to.

For instance, if you have lots of flower beds, gardens or ponds and don’t want any of the product you are spreading to reach those areas, a drop spreader will only put down product where you drive.

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