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2 Best Gas Lawn Mower Under $100 Review 2023

Having a lawn mower is a great investment specially if gardening is your hobby. But it is quite a disruption to look at there high prices that doesn’t fit in our small budgets. Hence we are here to guide you. We have searched all over the internet to give you the cheapest and BEST GAS LAWN MOWER UNDER $100. Gas lawn mower varies in different qualities from the traditional electric mower and are generally preferred due to there’s durability.

Whether your lawn is small or big it is always a gas mower that will make you proud of your lawn and leave your neighbours with greenery. There are dozens of features to compare at in these mower ranging from user convenience to there cutting capacity.
It is not something miraculous you will get at this price but good enough for those who just want to do the job and doesn’t have long land to mow.

Top 2 Best Gas Lawn Mower Under $100 Review

We mowed them personally over flat lawns, uneven lawns, leaf covered lawn to check how to deal with it and continuously for hours. They passed the test hence given below .

PowerSmart Gas Push Lawn Mower


This lawn mower comes at a price of $$$. The mower is a gas powered push lawn mower. The user needed to assemble it with its simple instructions guide come along with the purchase. The cutting width of the mower 21 inches. And good for even and flat surfaces. The mower function over side discharge property and doesn’t have baggage or any mulching feature. The machine have foldable steel handle equipped with grips for compact storage.

The mower starts by pulling a cord attached to the engine. The gasoline engine is of 144 cc manufactured by Briggs and Stratton company. This is a basic lawnmower at a good price with levers to adjust height, no bells or whistles just a basic gas mower with the benefit of a reliable engine. The only disadvantage of this mower is it makes sound and cannot be used at night or early morning. The mower is available at Walmart website with shipping from U.S.A.

Key features

  • Prime ‘N Pull Easy Starting                                                          
  • Dependable 125cc Briggs & Stratton Engine                           
  • 21″ steel cutting deck with side discharge                                               
  • 4-point, 5-position wheel height adjustment                                                                              
  • Low vibration                                                                           
  • Maneuvers in tight spaces                                                             
  • Product has a 2 year limited warranty                                      
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized yards  


  • Gasoline use makes it more efficient and price effective
  • There is a QR code at the side of the mower which take you to its manual and website.
  • The engine oil comes along with the purchase.


  • A customer reviewed of Walmart delivery about broken to junk.
  • Makes sound like driving tractor.

BLACK+DECKER 21 Inch 140cc 3-in-1 Gas Lawnmower


The price of this mower is around $$$ without shipping charges. This is also a gas powered lawn mower and quite reliable. The mower has side discharge option which disperse grass clippings evenly giving nutrients back to the soil .

The mower can work over medium sized lawn. The wheel size of the mower are same for front as well as rear i.e 7 inches and The cutting width of the mower is 21 inches which is powered by 140 cc power series engine by Poulan pro. There are 6 different cutting height option easily changeable via handle and have steel constructed heavy duty body.

This mower not only provide exceptional cutting but also mow great in tight spaces. The mower also has engine oil delivering with purchase. After delivery the operator is needed to fill the oil and gasoline and pull the engine cord for first start.
The product is available at Walmart website also.

Key features

  • 21″ compact cutting deck
  • 140cc power Series engine
  • Excellent side discharge
  • 6 position height cut adjustments


  • Steel body
  • Requires no assembly
  • At affordable cost.
  • Height adjustment features.


  • Makes a lot of sound.

What to Consider While Buying a Gas Lawn Mower Under $100


Most of lawns are not even and have slopes and bumps. And it is equally important to mow on them. A powerful engine will make you ride over them without any trouble. Most of the cheap mower fail to mow over slope of angle more then 20 degrees. So if your requirements is more than that you need to increase your budget.


It is not to hide that gas mower are noisy. They take use of gas hence they are noisy. If you are comfortable with the noise sound like of tractor than only go for these. Otherwise there are Electric mower that are under same budget and relatively quieter to use.


Mowers described above have cutting width of 20 inches which will take around 1 hour to mow around 0.5 acres. If you want faster cutting and have less time go for more width. The disadvantage come with wider deck if to reach the hard corners, the more wider the deck the less possible to mow around flower beds and curves.

Maintenance of Gas Mower

Gas mower are more prone to get damage if not properly maintained. These are essential for long life of the mower.

Proper cleaning

After every use, there is a need to wash the mower thoroughly with water. Grass clippings can get into engine and decrease it’s performance. Proper washing inside and outside the deck and removal of every grass can increase the engine efficiency.

Air filter

The fuel used is gasoline and in exchange of burn the mower releases fumes and gases which are filtered by this air filter. After long use the pores of the filters get clogged and the burned fuel cannot come out properly. Hence it is advised to change it time to time.

Spark plug

This thing is very important to take care. Common problem comes from owner is starting problem. This can be prevented by changing the spark time to time.

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Final Verdict

The two mower given above are the best gas lawn mower under $100 in the market. They are highly cost effective and worth buying under 100 dollar(Some time it will high near 150$). They can cut your lawn grass and make it comfortable to watch.

I hope you got best mower after read this post and solved your query about gas lawn mower. If you have any query about gas lawn mower then feel free to comment in below boxes. Share with your friends or family member who are looking BEST GAS LAWN MOWER UNDER $100. Thanks 🙂

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