Best Gas Powered Weed Eater

Best Gas Powered Weed Eater Review 2023

Gas powered weed eaters are the best when it comes to tackling tough weeds and tall grass. The convenience and performance of gas powered weed eaters make them the preferred tool for lawn professionals.

Gas-powered trimmers, also called weed wacker, string trimmers, or weed whips, are a top choice for heavy weeding. Nevertheless, with so many cordless trimmers available today, the decision isn’t as straightforward as it was a few years ago.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right weed eater.  It might be a good gas weed eater, but it might also be a great cordless model.

In this review, we’ve gathered the best gas powered weed eater at different prices to ensure you have the perfect fit for your budget and needs.

How We Experimented Gas Weed Eater

Our test team has spent years putting electric and gas Weed Eater through their paces on every variety of grass, Weed condition, yard size, footprint, and composition. We tested every function and control for use, comfort, power, and quality. We mowed flats, washboard terrain, uphill, downhill, and sidehill. We mowed tall grass and weeds, as well as perfect lawns planted with bluegrass and fine grasses that required a lot of precise labour.

We evaluated the side discharge capabilities of mowers, bagged, mulched, and even looked at whether wheels had a propensity to take up wet grass clippings. Our lawn and tool specialist Roy even laid on a few tiny patches of grass after he completed mowing to assess the tactile feeling in order to get a better idea of the end result because we’re so fussy about mower testing. Due to our intensive testing and research, we are convinced that this guide will lead you to the best lawn mower for your yard. Shop one of the items listed below that our experts have recommended so you may have the best-looking yard possible.

Top 5 Best Gas Powered Weed Eater Review

1. Husqvarna 17-inch Detachable Shaft Gas Powered Weed Eater

Husqvarna 17-inch Detachable Shaft Gas Powered Weed Eater


  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.25 x 40 inches
  • Weight: 11 Pounds
  • Power source: Gas Powered
  • Deck size: 1700 Inches

A gas trimmer from Husqvarna is an excellent choice for weed-eating tasks in general. The majority of its features can be found in the feature category. In addition to providing enough torque to handle common weeds and grasses in your yard, the 2-cycle engine is extremely fuel-efficient. You won’t get tired working with it since it weighs only 11 pounds.

In spite of the fact that you need to use a pull cord to start the engine, getting it up and running shouldn’t be too challenging. Whenever you haven’t used your engine for a while, remember to prime it by pumping the button. We did not experience this problem during the break-in period. According to some reports, the choke might need to be half-on during a break-in.

A number of common attachments can be attached to this model. You can likely use your existing attachments with this trimmer since it’s compatible with most of them. Expandability is a feature of this straight shaft gas trimmer.

Different manufacturers generally make their attachments to “universal fit” – but this is not a guarantee. A bump feed head makes it convenient to move more lines forward by tapping the head (not too hard!) on the ground.


  •   A lightweight design
  •   There is a two-year warranty
  •  Assembles easily


  •  The deck size is small

2. Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas

Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas


  • Dimensions: 34.75 x 23.88 x 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 18.8 Pounds
  • Power source: Gas Powered
  • Deck size: 21 inches

A bit of a religious debate can break out regarding the relative merits of two and four-cycle engines. They may be the perfect fit for the right person – I won’t weigh in on that yet.

No matter the type of gas string trimmer you choose, it can be the best for your needs. It’s good to know that this Craftsman model is worth checking out if you want a four-cycle weed eater like me. For generations, Craftsman tools have been synonymous with quality and affordability.  As part of the Craftsman brand, the M105 140cc continues that tradition.

With the multi-position adjustable handle, you can easily adjust the grip level to suit your body.  It is as simple as unlocking it, moving it to your desired spot, and locking it there.  Using this powered weed eater is really comfortable when combined with the optional shoulder strap. The best gas weed eaters have this feature, so it has a high ranking.

It’s easy to clear your yard of weeds and debris with the Craftsman straight string trimmer. It has a 21-inch cutting width that allows it to handle large spaces in a short amount of time.  Several attachments are available for this trimmer, so you can switch from edging to blowing leaves in a flash. Unlike most four-cycle engines, this engine runs quieter, and the oil reservoir is easy to fill.


  •  An ultra-lightweight design
  •  An easy-to-maintain item
  • Storage-friendly


  •  Large yards may not be suitable

3. Remington RM25C 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer

Remington RM25C 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer


  • Dimensions: 61.5 x 21 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Power source: 28V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Cutting height range: 1.18 – 2.52 inches
  • Deck size: 14 inches

Gas powered weed eater does not come at an unlimited price for everyone. A small or medium-sized yard probably does not require using a multi-hundred-dollar trimmer.  The good news is some great options don’t cost more than $100. 

Remington’s RM25C gas trimmer has a 25cc engine and can be used for small and large areas. You can cut grass and weeds efficiently and quickly with its 16-inch cutting swath. A dual-line bump head is also included in this model, making it easy to feed the string as the weed eater runs out of line.

In addition to being smaller than you’d expect for a gas string trimmer of this price, the device also comes with an attachment. Our review of this engine found it to be one of the smaller engines we have seen.  Trimmers aren’t designed to function as brush cutters, but why would you want one?  The smaller engine was not quieter than, the larger one, as you might expect.  Make sure you have hearing protection on hand to protect your ears.

Additionally, it has a smaller physical size than the other models we examined. Over 6 feet tall people may have difficulty with this.  For people with a smaller stature, it is a perfect fit. With this member of our list of the best gas weed eaters, you’ll be able to maintain control and comfort.

The Remington RM25C comes with a limited warranty of two years. It’s an inexpensive gas string trimmer that delivers great results.


  •   A cost-effective option
  •   Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to maintain


  •  Deck size is small

4. PROYAMA 42.7cc 2-cycle Gas Brush Cutter

PROYAMA 42.7cc 2-cycle Gas Brush Cutter


  • Dimensions: 61.5 x 21 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Power source: 28V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Cutting height range: 1.18 – 2.52 inches
  • Deck size: 14 inches

The PROYAMA brand was unknown to me before beginning this review.  In the event that you decide to purchase their 42.7cc gas weed eater for yourself, you might convince one of your friends to also purchase it for themselves. Weed eaters powered by gas are powerful machines.

It delivers impressive power under the hood of this straight shaft trimmer. This engine has a powerful 42.7cc engine with a two-cycle design. You can even attach a brush cutter blade to this weed eater to use it as a brush cutter.

The weed trimmer package includes everything you need to tackle heavy vegetation and tall weeds.  Featuring a 9 inch brush cutter blade, this tool will make light work of heavy brush.

The bundle’s other features are ear protection, a harness, a second .095-inch line, eyewear, a pair of gloves, a tank for mixing oil and gasoline, and two blades that help with heavy weeds. There really is no doubt that this weed wacker is one of the most powerful I’ve ever seen. The price of this gas-powered model is reasonable.  A one-year warranty is also included with the product.


  •   A storage-friendly design
  •   Size matters for small and medium yards
  •   Mulcher with discharge chute
  •   An elegant design


  •  There may be issues with large yards

5. Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle 18″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer


  • Dimensions: 61.5 x 21 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Power source: 28V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Cutting height range: 1.18 – 2.52 inches
  • Deck size: 14 inches

Wide cutting paths are needed in some yards.  In these circumstances, you might be interested in the Husqvarna 324L. This weed cutter features an 18″ cutting path, allowing you to handle larger trimming tasks quickly. There is no faster way to cut a wider swath than with grass shears!

Keeping track of the remaining gasoline in the fuel tank is facilitated by the translucent fuel tank, which prevents spills. If you keep gas close to home or the shed, you’ll be less likely to run out.

There is an easy-to-use bump feeder included with the T25 cutting head.  Isn’t that handy for keeping your weed-wacking going for as long as possible? Eventually, you will run out of trimmer string, but reloading the string will take just a few seconds, and you can continue working.

Powered by a 4-cycle 25cc engine, the scooter can generate 0.9 horsepower.  A separate oil reservoir is built into the vehicle from the fuel system, so you won’t have to worry about the right oil mixture.  You can expect fuel efficiency from Honda with this powerful trimmer.

It comes with a two-year warranty for the Husqvarna 324L. You can be confident that Husqvarna will honour that warranty since they have been around for over a century.


  •   Maintenance-friendly
  •   Assembles easily
  •   Lightweight


  •  Thick grass can be difficult to push

Related Searches

Buying Guide for Gas Powered Weed Eater

We have explained before that buying a weed trimmer should be based on your individual yard needs. You don’t have to spend hours making the right decisions, but there are some things to consider before purchasing. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a power tool.


Make sure you have a good feeling in your hands when you’re using a gas string trimmer. Also, ensure that the overall weight is balanced before purchasing a weed eater.  Feel how the gas weed eater balances when you lift it by the handle. You will feel like you’re using an extension of your arm when you use the best gas string trimmer. You can return it if it doesn’t feel right if you buy it online. Make sure you read the reviews before buying or open the box immediately if you buy it online.

Type and size of engine

Its engine is an important characteristic that differentiates one gas weed eater from another. Some models with two-cycle engines and others with four-cycle engines provide different power levels. When trimming overgrown grass or cutting through heavy brush, you’ll need a weed whacker with enough power to handle the job.

The Right Cutting Width

When choosing a string trimmer, you should consider your yard size and the type of foliage you need to whack. When it comes to small yards, cut diameters of 10-14 inches are best. Usually, the larger garden cutting diameter of 15-18 inches is best suited to gardens with dense foliage and thick weeds.

Sizes of strings

A polymer or nylon string is used to make the trimmer line. String weed eaters of standard grade are economical to use and can be used for a simple weed whacking task in small yards. Weeds that are thick and tough are best tackled with the commercial-grade line.

One string size is usually the maximum string size for most gas trimmers. String diameter determines spool weight, so the larger the string diameter, the heavier the spool.  In addition, a bigger diameter head won’t accommodate as much trimmer line.

Noise Levels

There is a lot of noise generated by string trimmers. It is often possible to hear electric trimmers under 75 decibels compared to gas ones. You should wear ear protection while trimming your lawn to protect your ears. Bystanders are also advised to protect their ears at the same time.

In general, weed whackers with gas engines are noisier than 2-cycle trimmers with the same size engines.

Spiral-shaped strings are often required to reduce noise levels in commercial areas. A lower noise trimmer will protect your investment in the future.


The shaft length is important when buying a new gas weed eater.  Unlike the length of the cutting head, there’s no “right” length. The best length is one that doesn’t require you to bend over but one that still allows you to control it. 


What is the typical life expectancy of gas weed eater string?

A weed eater string must be replaced at least once every season of use because it wears out over time. When the string is used regularly, it will snap – the thicker the coverage and the more weeds, the faster it will snap.  In a few sessions of weed-killing, a trimmer head will usually wear out its line.  A trimmer head’s line will last a whole season if it’s not used, so it’s best just to re-spool it.

Are gas-powered weed whips easy to restring?

A little know-how and the right tools will make restringing your weed eater a breeze.  The weed eater restringing article can be used as a resource for restringing.

Is it possible to cut weeds with Powered Weed Eater?

Yes, powered weed eaters are capable of cutting weeds.  A string trimmer is most commonly used to keep your lawn weed-free by cutting down and keeping down weeds.


Even though there are a lot of great gas weed eaters on the market, one of the best gas weed eaters we have seen is the Husqvarna 17-inch Detachable Shaft Gas Weed Eater, which we believe won’t let you down. Value, power, and expandability combine to make it a great choice.  The majority of people will well receive this string trimmer.

The best gas weed eaters reviewed here are not only the best, but they also make a great gift.  I would appreciate if you could tell me if there is a model that deserves to be on this list and why. Please comment below with your opinion.

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