how to control humidity in grow tents

How to Control Humidity in Grow Tents [5 Easy Steps]

HOW TO CONTROL HUMIDITY IN GROW TENTS ? Experienced indoor growers know that optimal humidity level in your grow tent is very important for successful growing experience in grow tents. If the humidity is too high in your grow tent then this article is very helpful for you. 


High level of humidity can lead to slow growth, bud rot, fungal growth, mildew and mod. Such factor inhibits the growth of your plant. Crops are continuously transporting water from roots to absorb nutrients and grow to their full potential. Humidity changes how much water they absorb thus controlling over plants nutrients intake.

How You Can Control Humidity

Improve Air Circulation in Your Grow Tent

Having exhaust at appropriate distance and ventilator for your grow room is a excellent investment for healthy looking crop. 


If too much humidity is your problem and exhaust and ventilator seem to be less effective then it’s time for you to buy a dehumidifier. They fill up the water that plants transpire and keep optimum amount of water in the air. 

Do Not Water More Than Necessary.

Over watering your plants always leads to problem. When you drain too much water and there is especially no drainage facility in your grow tent can be hazardous for the plant. Excess water also makes air too humid. So make sure you are following the science when it comes to watering your plant.

Use Soil That Can Drain Water Fast and Effectively

Three main type of soils (you might have learned this in your high-school – sandy , clay and loam. They all have different water holding capacities that’s why there significance matter in controlling the humidity of your grow tent. Clay soil holds highest level of water and does not drain it at all.Sandy soil as contrary drains all the water and holds a little of water for plants. Loam soil is more like in between clay and sandy when it is compared to water holding capacity. 

For a grow tent, we recommend you to don’t use clay soil as it holds too much water which eventually evaporates and increase the vapours in the air.

Don’t Mix Mature and Young Plants

This is probably gonna sound non sense but wait there is a full reason to back it up. As plants at different phases need different levels of humidity and so they generate it accordingly. Now for a matured plant they have big leaves means big stomata that releases more water during respiration. As a result, they increase humidity in the grow tent. The idea for best growth is to ensure that all plants in a grow tent are at same stage of growth.

How to Control Humidity in Grow Tents Video Guide

Wrap Up

So these were the steps so that you can CONTROL HUMIDITY IN GROW TENTS. These were simple techniques that won’t cost you much to lower or higher the humidity in grow tents. Now you don’t have to watch see your plants being destroyed by humidity. Also for permanent solution we suggest you to buy a dehumidifier at last. It is most effective techniques above all these methods. 

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Happy Gardening…!!!

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