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John Deere E170 -Tractor Specs,Price,Features and Reviews

John Deere E170 Lawn mower have powerful 25 HP engine also 48 in CC. John Deere E170 available 2 year warranty 25 HP engine WITH 48 in hydro deck.

If you want buy or sell check John Deere E170 information below. JD E170 tractors is old but the most popular tractor in the John Deere Company.

John Deere E170 Specification

John deere E170 lawn tractor nice in class 30-2nd oil alternate device makes changing the engine oil short, clean, and easy. Changing the oil is as easy as turning on a brand new oil-crammed clear out. Oil does now not require to be tired from the engine.

John deere e170 garden tractor a 25-hp v-dual prolonged-life collection engine produces plenty of power and torque to address hard mowing, bagging and mulching conditions.

ModelE170 – 44S977 (M44)
ManufacturerJohn Deere
FactoriesGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
Translate controlTwo-pedal foot-controlled hydrostatic
U.S. warranty2 year/120 hour bumper-to-bumper
Original price$2,449.00

John Deere E170 ENGINE

  • V-twin cylinder design for greater torque, lower vibration, and improved sound quality
  • Auto choke to allow operators to start the engine without needing the choke unless air temperatures are near or below freezing
  • Spring-return feature to ensure the operator will not mistakenly leave the throttle lever in the choke position
  • Electronic ignition for fast starts
  • Cast-iron cylinder liners for longer engine life
  • Overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy
  • Full-pressure lubrication and oil filter for cleaner oil, prolonging engine life and extending the time between oil changes
  • More effective when operating the tractor on an incline
  • John Deere Easy Change™ 30-second oil change system makes changing the engine oil easy, quick, and clean.
Engine makeJohn Deere
Engine TypeOverhead valve, full-pressure lube, oil filter
Choke/speed controlOne lever, ReadyStart
Fuel typeGasoline, LP Gas, Diesel
Power25 horsepower
No. of Cylinders2 Cylinders
LubricationFull-pressure, full-flow filtration with bypass; micronic paper element
Air cleanerCartridge

John Deere E170 Steering

It became widespread, and a power shift transmission become optionally available. Other alternatives had been blanketed like dual rear wheels and an enclosed cab with an air conditioning.

TypeSector and pinion with single drag link and tie rod
Four-wheel steerNot available on this model

John Deere E170 Fuel Tank Capacity

The capacity is 2.4 U.S. gal. (9.1 L). The fuel-filler opening is conveniently located under the seat. 

  • Filling the tank without spilling is easy.
  • A tethered fuel tank cap is more convenient.
  • The sealed fuel cap helps keep vapors inside the tank.
Fuel deliveryPulse pump and carburetor
Fuel gaugeMechanical, viewable from seat
Fuel tank locationRear
Fuel tank capacity2.4 U.S. gal.
9.1 L

John Deere E170 TRANSMISSION Details

Transmission TypeHydrostatic and 2-wheel drive
ControlTwo-pedal foot-controlled hydrostatic control
Cruise controlNo
Oil coolerFins with fan on transaxle
Oil filterYes, Available internally
Differential lock systemNot Available
Forward speed0 – 5.5 m/h  (0 – 8.9 km/h)
Reverse speed0-3.2 m/h  (0-5.1 km/h)
BrakesDisc Brakes are available

John Deere E170 Electrical and Battery Details

Charging systemalternator
Charging amps9
No of Battery1

John Deere E170 Images

John Deere E170 Reviews

  • Just picked up a brand new E170 from Lowes and right off the bat it was leaving strips everywhere. Then within an hour the belt broke. It looks like one of the pulleys was bent. Not sure if it was a bad assembly job or this one was defective. I am returning this to Lowes for a replacement. I really hope the new one does not have the same issues. At this point I cannot recommend it until I get a replacement and see how that holds up. I did have high hopes and was really looking forward to picking this one up.
  • Had an issue with the engine on the first tractor I had in my possession for 3 hours, my local dealer had a technician dispatched to my home the next morning. The technician was unable to fix the issue due to a Briggs & Stratton manufacturing flaw. They picked up the tractor very quickly for further evaluation at the dealership shop. They then replaced the tractor with another one, and delivered it ASAP.
  • Definitely recommend this one or the 180 as they have the better transmission. I like the twin touch better than the heel to toe of old. I bought the bagger which works fine as long as you’re not bagging heavy, fertilizer grass. The weight of a full hopper results in the bagger falling off behind you. Overall, it mows and drives fine.
    • Lol trade and easy start.
  • I purchased this thru Lowes last year and love it. I have 2 acres to cut an the tractor has been a workhorse with no problems at all. I also got it with the bagger component and 8Y utility cart for a great value. I always trusted John Deere. My next purchase next year will be the 3 family tractor.
    • Happy in texas
  • i have reviewed many manufacturers of backyard tractors, but none could compare. I’m very well pleased with performance, great, and reliability/ease of protection of this first rate tractor! I couldn’t be greater thrilled. Enormously recommended!
    • Ease of use
    • reliability
    • great of production

John Deere E170 Review Video 2020

John Deere E170 Parts Information


  • 25 HP* V-Twin extended life series engine
  • Deep deck design with three blades lifts grass for a superior cut
  • Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System for fast and convenient service

John Deere E170 all parts details with it’s current price and all the parts have discount. Check below.

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Final word

Vintage john deere E170 changed into the most famous and famous tractor inside the past several years. It had wonderful power with enough features so it’s referred to as bull of tractor.

I hope this article will help you to recognize extra information approximately this first-rate tractor. If you have any query about it, please contact us or comment below we can help you 🙂

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