lawn mower won't start after running

Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Running【Solution】

If your trouble with why LAWN MOWER WON’T START AFTER RUNNING then you are at right place.

If you are a non mechanical person then it must be really tough and annoying if your lawn mower just suddenly broke down. And if you are restarting it after a long running hibernation period when it was benched full winter then chances are it is not gonna start with the first pull.

But luckily, lawn mowers are not rockets, they come with simple on-going mechanisms that can be fixed at homes if have a little bit knowledge and tools.

So don’t freak out and read this article till end to know how you can revive your lawn mower back to life. 

For lawn mower to start it requires two things fuel and a spark. Chances are after long time of usage, there may have come fault in these two process lines. 

What About if Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Running?

If your mower shuts off even as you’re mowing and won’t restart, you may suspect that it is a warmness-associated problem, but it could also be something else. Here are some other possibilities which you should try to get rid of.

Are You Out Of Fuel?

So we’re starting with the maximum obvious, however inside the pastimes of being systematic, take a look at it.

Having Problems Restarting After Running Out Of Fuel And Refilling?

Perhaps your mower stopped as it became out of fuel however when you top off it, it still won’t start. This might be now not a heat-related problem in any respect. Here, it’s far more likely that there was a few debris floating in the gas and turned into sucked into the gas line whilst the fuel ran out.

To rectify this problem, make certain that the gas strains are easy and freed from particles. After eliminating any debris, it have to begin again.

Cutting Tall Grass Or Build-Up Of Grass Under The Mower

It is possible that the grass you are reducing is just too long and is clogging up the mower, inflicting the engine to stop. Try clearing out the cuttings and then adjusting the reducing peak.

Similarly, if the mower turns into too clogged up by way of grass cuttings, the same may also occur. Try clearing it out and attempting again.

Old Or Dirty Spark Plugs

This is every other apparent one to test. If your spark plugs are old or dirty, replace them. This will in all likelihood boom your mower’s overall performance immediately.

This is the sort of problem that might make you watched the hassle is due to the fact the mower has been going for walks whilst sincerely the trouble lies some place else. Make sure your spark plugs are in top condition, smooth and properly connected to remove this possibility.

Dirty Air Filter

As with the spark plugs, this is the sort of problem that can make you believe you studied the hassle is warmth-associated when it isn’t. If your mower loses energy after which won’t restart, it might be because of grimy air filters.

This is a easy problem to check and fix. Make sure the filters are clean and in exact working order and attempt again. If this changed into the trouble, it should start up once more easily.

Why Wont My Lawn Mower Starts


A dirty or faulty spark plug may be reason of the inactivity of your mower. It can get loose itself with time and without it no machine can start. So what you have to do is go to market and buy a new one, for few dollars your mower will work just fine. 


If this is the first time you have tried to use it after fall, fuel might be the problem there. If fuel is old, it should be dumped into a container for proper disposal and fresh fuel must be added. 

Troubleshooting Proper Procedure

1. Fill the gas tank using a funnel- Avoid spilling of gas over engine. Spilled gas could ignite when engine gets hot.
2. Check oil level- A 4 – stroke engine has a crankcase or sump located at lowest point of the engine oil in which can be checked dipping the dipstick attached to it. 
3. Use new fuel – Old fuel can make starting difficult, especially when it contain ethanol which attract corrosion. 
4. Use Choke – Engines have device called choke ( basically it is a device which acts as a blockage in the air intake ) and hi h makes the fuel vapour more richer or concentrated. 
5. Press primer button 5 times-If after this engine also doesn’t react then press it for one or two times more.

If the Engine Hasn’t Started Yet


× Engine is not getting fuel it needed. – 
× It’s not getting the spark it needs
× It needs oil.
× It’s not getting the air.
× Starter rope issues.
× You ran over something it blocked the rotation of blades.
× Battery is flat not charged.
× Carburettor is flooded.

I’m Still Having Issues

If you are still having issues it’s time now to take it to a small engine repair shop to have a mechanic look at it. With there expertise they can easily tell whether it is a string problem or spark park or fuel. 

Check all the tools in reasonable price and quick delivery within a day.

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