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Best Rechargeable Electric Lawn Mower Review 2023

Every year, with the end of winter and start of spring lawns starts getting rough. With the first ray of summer sunshine soil gets activated and for the rest of the season you are gonna see lawns with grass tall till your knee if not properly maintained. Tall grassed lawn are a big problem you cannot walk on them and there’s always a risk of insect and snakes hiding somewhere and coming beneath your feet.

Lawn mowers, if you are already aware of what this machine do, probably you are facing these problem. And buying a lawn mower is a good investment for your lawn to look good. Lawn mowers are specially designed to cut the grass to same level hence giving lawns a professional and beautiful look. Lawn mowers differ in different features but mainly there are two groups we can classify them.

Electric Mowers or Gas/Fuel Powered Mower

Both type of lawn mowers are available in market in variety.

Electric powered lawn mower comes with a battery equipped inside them and one can recharge them time to time with a charger and a socket. Rechargeable mower are considered as better choice as they add features to operator convenience at same cost. They are noise free, cleaner and greener to environment. They also require lesser maintenance than gas mowers.

However still with the different available choice in rechargeable electric mower it is very possible to come up with something absolutely useless for your type of lawn. But don’t worry we have done the leg work for you. After testing dozens of mowers and doing full fledged research we prepared a list of rechargeable lawn mower that works best under any condition. We took these machine to mow lawns for free and talked to their owners for review. Only after getting satisfied with their battery, maneuverability, convenience we given them a place in our list.

So after all that much we are left with the best rechargeable electric lawn mower in market whether your lawn is like country club or looks like badland, we are pretty sure they will suit you.

Top 5 Best Rechargeable Electric Lawn Mower



The green work is a well known brand. They have thousands of happy customers. This Greenworks Pro MO60L514 is a battery powered self propelled mower which means the battery powers the wheel and as well as the blades. This model is powered by 60 V lithium ion battery and a 21 inch cutting deck. The company ensures to deliver power and performance without any fumes, noises and harmful emissions.

The mower is equipped with smart it technology which automatically detect change in terrain and grass type and changes speed of blade automatically to maintain consistent technology. The price of this mower is $449 and comes with a 4 year tool and battery warranty. The product worth its price as it comes with 4 in 1 features which is exceptional as most of the mower are 3 in 1( mulching/bagging/side discharge) with additional leaf pickup through turbo button.

The charge time of the mower given by manufacturer is 2.5 hours. For variable grass length the mower consist a single level adjustment feature with 7 different height position ranging from 1.38 inches to 4 inches. The machine is ideal and generally recommended for uneven and slope lawns.

Key features

  • Weight of the mower: 65lbs
  • Diameter of rear and front wheels: 10 inches and 8 inches.
  • Cutting range: 0.25 to 0.5 acres.
  • Rear wheel drive mower.


  • Mower worth the money spent.
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Rear and side discharge of clipping


  • Blade stop system in emergency is absent in this mower.

Toro Flex Force 20363 Electric Lawn Mower


Beat your neighbours with breach and leave them green with envy. Toro Flex Force 20363 is the best hill climbing mower in our list. The power BRUSHLESS engine is powered by 60 volt, 6.0ah, 324 wh lithium ion battery with a charge time of 150 minutes. The cutting width of the mower is 22 inches which do acres of task within minutes.

This is also a self propelled mower. This machine starts the first time, every time, and is built to last with a steel deck. To bring peace in mind the mower has 2 year full mower warranty and 3 year battery warranty. This mower takes 70% less storage in your garage with storing upright, simply fold, lock and store with smartstow technology. The patented recycler cutting technology returns nutrients back to the soil by giving clippings back to it.

The mower comes with a personal pace system to let you adjust speed according to the will of the Operator. Mower start every time in a single attempt and Flex-Force 60V* batteries have intelligent software to maximize run time and power. The mower gives 3 option to the user mulch / bag/ side discharge. The height of the grass can be varied by changing the deck height from 1 to 4 inches.
And worth the money spent.

Key features

Weight of the mower: 80lbs
Diameter of front and rear wheel: 8 and 11 inches
Cutting range: 1/3 acres when full charged.


  • Compact storage
  • Tackles Hill and run smoothly without friction
  • Comes with lithium ion quick charger.


  • Consumers complains about poor battery performance despite of company claims of 1/3 acres cutting area.

Snapper SXD21SSWM82 Electric Lawn Mower


This mower is best for wide spread lawns. The runtime of this mower calculated approximately comes to be 60 minutes which is highest in the list. The mower is equipped with BRUSHLESS 1500 watt motor and 82 Volt Briggs and Stratton battery which is trusted. The cutting deck of the mower is made of steel and of width 21 inches.

The mower is paired with intelligent load sensing technology which ups or down the mower power depending upon the lawn condition for better efficiency. This mower is also a 3 in 1 mower for mulching/ bagging/ side discharge options. For bagging the bag can be easily detached from the mower and have volume of 2.1 cubic feet or 1.7 bushel.

The mower has 7 different cutting height option with single level adjustment. Push start button makes starting procedure quick and Foldable handles makes vertical storage possible for compact storage inside the storeroom.

The price of this mower in U.S.A with little up and down in different countries. The warranty period given by SNAPPER is 5 year which ensure the durability of the mower.

Key features

Weight of the mower: 76.4 lbs
Size of the front and rear wheel: 6 and 8 inches
Cutting range: 0.75 to 1 acres


  • Stepsense automatic drive system senses user speed and automatically adjusts according to it.
  • Compact storage
  • Long period warranty.


Consumers report that booklet doesn’t well describe how to assemble it.



This mower is expanding the cord mower to long lengths. This mower have relatively smaller battery power of 36 volts lithium ion. The cutting width of the mower is 18 inches and have three single level height adjustment feature ranging from 1.25 to 4 inches. The mowers lacks feature of side discharge and comes only with two option ( bagging/ mulching ). The bag fitted at the end of the mower is of size 1.7 bushel. The BL brushless motor delivers power up to 3,300 RPM for faster cutting.

The mower has exceptional noise cut features without lowering the speed below 2500 rpm. This machine is Equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls to prevent overheating/ overcharging. This is a self propelled mower with variable speed of 1.5 – 3 mph.

The mower is featured with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) to increase its resistance against dust and water in harsh mowing condition . The mower comes with a budget price and warranty period of 3 years.

Key features

Weight of the mower: 80lbs
Size of the front and rear wheel: 6 to 8 inches
Cutting area: 1000 sq. Ft approx


  • Company says its runtime of approx 30 min while consumer found it more.
  • Small and light/ easy to carry
  • Zero maintenance compared to gas mowers.


  • Customer reviews that there shaft fell off.
  • It gets clogged by grass sometime.



This mower comes with 56 volt 5.0 Ah ARC lithium ion battery which gives 45 minutes of runtime in a single charge. The mower receives all the torque of gas without any noise and fumes. The charge time came out to be 50 min approximately when used Rapid charger came along with the mower purchase.

The cutting deck of the mower is 21 inches and have single hand level six height adjustment feature ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. The company claims that mower can be properly folded and can be stored in compact spaces. The mower also support all the three features mulching, bagging , side discharge. For bagging the mower comes with detachable 2 bushel grass collector. The mowers specially have 2 LED light assuring quality work day and night. The long warranty period of 5 years ensuring peace of mind.

Key features

Weight of the mower: 74 lbs
Diameter of the front and rear wheel: 6 and 6 inches
Cutting area: 8000-9000 sq. ft.


  • Compact storage
  • Durable product
  • Quick button start.


  • The single demerit of the mower is the drive lever is located only on the right side.

Buying Guide for Rechargeable Electric Lawn Mower

Buying a lawn mower is a big investment they can be someone monthly saving or someones yearly. Various factor which we find important while purchase of rechargeable lawn mower are listed below:


Lawns are not always flat they are uneven, hilly or can be slopey hence greater engine power determines there work in these surfaces. Usually engines power the rear wheel in self propelled mower and are recommended as they work better and are safe to use as they decrease the possibility of turning.


Electric battery powered mower come in variety. Some mower are relatively quieter than other. This factor has great significance as sometimes we want to mow at night or at early morning. At those time if mower will make more noise there chance of disturbing neighbours or getting a police complaint. You know they are unpredictable! Mower under loudness 90db are good and can be purchased. Above that skip to some other choice.

Cutting width

Cutting width refers to the width of the deck that rotate to cut the grass. The more the width the more grass you can cut in one turn. Most of the mower in our list have cutting width under the range of 18-15 inches which is pretty good for medium sized lawn of area under 1 acres. For large sized fields mowers with wider cutting deck is preferential.


Some features like washout port, LED lights, foldable handles increase the value of your mower. It is equally important that mower must be convenient in the hand of the owner. If the mower comes with under your budget with only features that are useful to your lawn.

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Final Verdict

Before making the final payment it is important to see the review of the mower you are purchasing. Beware of the fake positive reviews that are put up in the website. Talk to the owner about availability of the warranty in case of any damage. Customers often end up getting fraud by purchasing from fake websites also.

I hope you got best mower after read this post and solved your query about electric lawn mower. If you have any query about gas lawn mower then feel free to comment in below boxes. Share with your friends or family member who are looking RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER. Thanks 🙂

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