What size lawn mower do I need ? This question will reduce your options to those that are actually important and helpful in getting your job done. And answer to this question will require you to consider the geography and landscape of your lawn.

Purchasing a new lawn mower is not an easy task. With all the variety of brands and specifications there is always a lawn mower better than you buy. So how to stop your mind from flickering from one to other. This article will guide you through.


Factors Affected for WHAT SIZE LAWN MOWER DO I NEED?


The lawn size is probably the most important aspect to consider before buying. For anything less than acre, you can have a push/self propelled lawn mower for your lawn. However, as we move to larger categories i.e 1 acres to 2 acres or even 3 acres, you need to get your hands on ZTR lawn mowers/ lawn tractors. 

Geography of your lawn also dictates what type of mower you should invest in. For example, if you’re mowing a 1/4 acres of land that’s extremely steep and bumpy, you re not gonna invest in cheapest push reel mower. There will be bad consequences. 


Unfortunately, not every homeowner can dish out a $5k ZTR mower without any hole in pocket. That’s why it is important to decide the budget while deciding the size of your lawn mower. Do your research and know what the on going price are! 

Average reel mower cost : $104.Average walk behind mower cost : $363.Average riding lawn mower cost : $2,450.Average robotic mower cost : $1,450.


Although many people don’t consider this a valid reason while purchasing a lawn mower but it impact you greatly if you are a 75 year old. Can a 75 year old push a reel mower up to a 50 foot incline few times each week. I think not. Make sure the size of lawn mower you buy you can push it. In this particular case ride on mower are helpful and make things less exerting. 


Cutting deck means the radius of land the mower will cut in one go. This thing also decides the size of mower you choose bigger mower have bigger cutting deck and hence do work in less time and effort. 
A large horsepower engine with quality brand also suits your job. Power in different mower are different, ranging from a small walk behind mower to large zero turn mower’s and garden tractors. More power will result in more ground speed and less time time mowing.


For St. Augustine grass you have different mower that works best, while for Bermuda grass another brand has best mower. Thicker, lush grass needs a mower powerful than thin grass needs. Understand your lawns growing pattern to reach out to a mower powerful and big enough for your lawn care. 

How do you Properly Measure Lawnmower?

You see a lawnmower with a 52’’ slicing deck. Does this mean the blades can cut fifty two’’ across, or that the pinnacle of the blades (cowl over the blades) is that this size? What it comes all the way down to is, the larger the deck size, the extra region you’ll mow in one pass, as opposed to having to head backward and forward over the equal place. It can paintings in opposition to you; if you buy a mower with a deck length that’s too huge, for a small garden, it is awkward, tough to mow, and received’t be as efficient as a smaller deck. That is why you need to know your garden length, and choosing the proper sized deck for that lawn length, is important.

To degree your mowing deck, you’ll

  1. Take a tape measure and run it alongside the top of the deck front to lower back
  2. You’ll multiply those numbers times

To measure the mowing blade, you’ll put your mower in neutral and prop the mower onto an expanded surface. You’ll then measure the blade diagonally; that is the slicing aspect. If the blade is 14’’, you’re mowing distance is 14’’. If the mower’s deck is 52’’, this is how extensive a place you’re masking while getting in any route.

Buying Guide For The Right Lawnmower

Every man or woman has distinctive skills bodily, consequently, this isn’t an absolute manual that will help you pick out the right lawnmower. For instance, in case you are a person who works out every day and desires to get a exercise in while mowing your lawn, you may choose a push mower for a 1-acre lawn with decrease horsepower scores than we endorse. However, for the common property owner, who thinks of mowing the garden as a chore, in place of amusement (or a outstanding exercising), this is a simple manual to help you decide on the right lawnmower length.

Half-Acre Lawns or Smaller

For smaller lawns, between ¼-acre to -acre in size, you could select among reel or push mowers. A reel mower utilizes your frame weight and energy to transport over your garden. You’re going to do the pushing. Most of these models will have four or 5 blades that reduce the grass vertically. If you’re operating on a small, flat surface, with few to no limitations, it’s a terrific option.

If, then again, you’re dealing with several limitations for your lawn or a few steep patches, a push mower is a advanced desire. Push mowers are available in gas or electric powered power to mow your lawn. You aren’t doing the lifting right here, the lawnmower is doing the pushing for you. You’re simply in charge of guiding the lawnmower within the right path.

One-Acre Lawns

When we’re coping with this garden size, self-propelled mowers are a advanced opportunity. The transmission will do the pushing for you. For steeper inclines, a rear-wheel-pressure is a superior option over all-wheel, as you have a little more pressure and force going uphill. They feature

• Rear or all-wheel drive
• Multiple energy settings
• Speed manage levers
• Models in gas or electrical (cordless or corded)

Lawns Larger than One-Acre

Now we’re in the driving lawnmower class. Every lawnmower is special, you could pick out from slicing decks which can be 30’’ or 52’’; however, large isn’t continually advanced. In a few cases, the smaller slicing deck might have greater effective blades and a stronger engine. It’s no longer most effective the reducing deck size, other features of these lawnmowers include

• Gear-pushed, computerized, or hydrostatic fashions
• Different blade slicing heights
• Powerful HP to get through the lawn quickly
• Reinforced slicing decks
• Mulching and bagging functions, and more

Your price range and the size of your garden will greatly effect your decision while buying these mowers.

Three Acres Plus

Now we’re in the business lawn size, and also you’re likely searching at a ZTR or a zero-turn mower. You have options like cruise manage, unique pace settings, a powerful drive for steep hills, and unique attachments, so you can easily mow your lawn to your liking, very quickly. Remember, these are the maximum pricey class of mowers, often costing over $2,000. So, ensure you want it earlier than spending that plenty cash on something you don’t want and capabilities you received’t use.


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